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  1. Not sure if this is just me but I'm noticing more and more low quality textures as I go through the game. Admittedly I like to have my camera zoomed right in for the immersion and to enjoy the close up spell effects. A particular area which prompted me to make this post is the old city (undercroft) where you get lowered into the pit. A number of textures in this area/zone look straight up horrendous and it's pretty disappointing. Most notable is body parts, moss, brick structures etc; all are very pixelated. I've got everything on high with 4xAA; but I've tried other settings and no di
  2. This would be very much appreciated as I'm not one to typically restart a game for something like this. The ability to raise the difficulty to POTD would be very much appreciated, even if this can't be reversed and achievements must be disabled, it would be very much welcome as veteran just isn't providing the challenge that I hoped for.
  3. Same problem here, level scaling critical path only, only scale upwards is on, Veteran difficulty.
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