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  1. I would like to see an original IP isometric game. I'm not particular about turn based or real-time with pause.


    I'd like to see it have some choice. Consequences aren't a must have, because I understand the complication that brings. But I'd like to express character ideas beyond the combat. I want to see mature choices. As in exploring choices I can relate to, not action hero or mustache twirler. Play a guy who's over his head in whatever is going on and just doing what he must to make it through instead of the natural leader that always has the perfect plan and everyone obeys. I don't know how reasonable that is at the end of the day.


    I'm really open on just about everything else. A personal story or not. Save the world or save yourself. Futuristic, medieval fantasy, urban, superhero, paleolithicpunk, low magic or high. I'm kind of worn out on post-apocalypse and zombies. Heck, go absurd enough and I'll forget all about wanting relateable choices.

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