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  1. " there was an error loading the next map returned to the main menu to prevent save file corruption solved" is the message i get from my last 4 saves. Everything before those 4 seems to work, but it puts me back 20 hours of gameplay or more. I used my POE import and this is happening to saves while heading toward a fight with a certain lich on top of the orrery. is there a fix for this anywhere? i can't seem to track anything down.
  2. I solved this issue by switching to another browser to reenter the codes, I was going a bit crazy about it. thanks folks
  3. Thanks, but ya this has been going on for about a week now. every time a new code comes out it still does not seem to reset it
  4. I have put every single code in, tried several times at least and still showing i am missing one of the 36 that are available at this moment. Is anyone else encountering this?
  5. The websites bugs if you got it open for to long, simply refresh and reenter the codes and it will work I did try this already, but no luck. Thanks for the help though
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