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  1. I am also very upset with that descision. Pallegina is my favourite companion since PoE1 and i would definetly not do anything to make her leave. According to what you say, she should have left the party long ago because one of my previous action. But she did not, and there was no hint that she should have (like reputation change or dialogue). Now i feel like i was punished retrospectively for some previous action without getting any hint it would happen and any chance to avoid it. Actually if she left my crew at any point of the game, i would reload a savegame and change my descision to keep her in party. Now I am far ahead from that point and completed first and second DLC. I do not want to play further and complete the game without Pallegina, but neither I want to replay (not sure i even have a savegame from that time). So I will probably just drop the game now. Which is sad, because I really waited for all 3 DLC to come out before i go to settle the score with Eothas. So i would say that fixing such a bug at that point is a wrong. Instead of improving gaming experience, it actually made it worse for a lot players. Anyway, thank you for the great game, really loved it from the start.
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