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  1. Hope this is enough, i could improve it a bit more but i dont have time right now. Maybe someone else can do the watercolour version for you.
  2. I tried it a while ago but wasnt totally convinced about the result (wanted to draw a beard on him), but if you like it u can use it.
  3. Aumaua Grog with dark Stripes and Female Nature Godlike
  4. This is amazing! I thought it was a wasted opportunity that Pike and Scanlan weren't orlans and Grog wasn't an aumaua. I thought the same too! they should have made a version of the characters that fit the races of Pillars. Tried to make an Aumaua Grog.
  5. I liked the Percy Portrait but didn't like the glasses, so I made a version without it and an elf and pale elf variant too
  6. I'll leave this beautiful redhead portrait over here for everyone to use, and if someone with better photoshop abilities than mine can put a decent beard on my Pale elf i'll be grateful to him / her for all ETERNITY.
  7. I see people want dwarves, so i'll upload mine with watercolours
  8. I wanted to ask for a watercolour version of my character portrait from PoE I, but since i saw a lot of people asking "Aramintai" already I decided to set aside my lazyness and do it on my own following his tutorial (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91743-portraits/page-4?do=findComment&comment=1956411) and share the results with the community. PD: This is my first post here, so i hope the images are uploaded correctly.
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