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  1. I didn't dislike any of the companions, but I probably used Kana the least? He just seemed a bit detached from everything else that was going on in the story, besides Caed Nua and the Endless Paths, plus he just isn't really the kind of character I personally tend to gravitate towards. If he'd had a personal stake in the goings on in the Dyrwood I probably would have dragged him around a lot more. Sagani and Pallegina have a similar problem, but I also just liked them more as characters, so no accounting for taste and so on.
  2. Given that Deadfire is long since in development this probably won't ever get fixed, sadly, but as long as there's a workaround I can deal. Thanks for figuring this out! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to hire him this playthrough, which would be a damn shame for that battle with Gathbin.
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