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  1. Good reply. You cleared that up for me so I have a better idea of how they compare now. I would clarify that adding a card shop for out of scenario preparations is something I am interested because it fits with existing mechanic and actually enhances them but it is easily ignored and I am in favor of adding new "options" more than adding new default features since I am on board with keeping the base game that plays so well and really if I wanted to play a different game I would do that not change this one. Also, I appreciate the option to play as close to "vanilla" as possible at will. I have seen to many games start as something awesome and fundamentally change into a different game with the same name and some similar characters and features. I say keep it the same game just open up optional alternate ways to play. You are correct about the Intellectual property part but they latterly don't have to mess with anything but add another tab in the store. They could use an image of one of the shop sites in the game, their is no need to add any additional cards or characters that Paizo didn't make so as long as its ignorable it should not be an IP concern but Obsidian would likely and rightly run it by Paizo but I don't think that is a hard conversation for a feature that could be an easy implementation with optional impact and the possibility to drive an increase in player and in turn sales if not directly in new customers then indirectly in return customers buying expansions. ...Maybe I am wrong... and you do raise a valid point in most cases. I just suspect this idea is relatively easy to sell.
  2. Ok, understood. Great post. I think we can both see the other persons point of view and respect it even though we have different play styles. I might even try it your way after I "beat the game" the first time.
  3. Ok, that does clear up my understanding. Also, sorry for the double post above I did not realize my post had to be processed and thought it was deleted by a system error. That said we have this strange convention here. This is based on a board game so there are preconceptions of some people expecting them to be identical but they are not. I am not sure but just off the top of my head here is a list of things I think might be different. In the board games .... 1. Do you have chests?2. Do you have multiplayer? 3 Do you get gold coins for beating missions? 3. Does each mission have 3 difficulties? 4. Do you get random item drops, allies, skill points, and feats for beating scenarios? 5. It has a stash of 10 cards to let you pick from as you play. 6.Character variants? 7. Exclusive promotional cards? ...Am i missing anything? That said the game is Based off the board game but it is a different edition. Which means changes exist between the two AND because its digital it can be upgraded remotely so its possible to add improvement due to additional capabilities of digital game. So I am sorry but that is dead. We are past that and there is no way they are going back. With that in mind ... I like the digital version with its stash and chests and if they are willing to expand the game to make it more fun... I am all for it even if its a further departure to the board game. Am sorry for the purists out there but if you really are not happy with anything departing from the board game.... best thing for you to do is play the board game. I would of course love some local hotseat (but not pass n play because my wife gets board if she "needs" to look away or hand it to me) multiplayer. Being that as it may people who don't want to use the stash or chests because the board game doesn't have it can just as easily ignore the store and keep game play closer to the board game so this change does not hurt anyone but could make it more fun for others... That's just my humble unimportant little opinion... take it as you will. While I respect players right to play their way I am always up for mechanic that makes a game more fun but can be ignore by people who don't like it and as a single player game this is certainly the case.
  4. Errr.... Not sure what you are saying. It sounds like your just saying "Wait, it will show up eventually" ... If that is correct its not helping me right now and what is all this gold for? I have 2 thieves tools kits and I am not seeing any more and if they are around I just want to buy it with the gold instead of waiting around for it. I just want a store for party preparations before deploying them to missions. Like I would down time in a town in D&D or Pathfinder. ‚ÄčIf that is NOT what your saying, "take them (banished cards) directly if you have not enough cards (and your stash is Empty)" ... are you saying if my 10 card stash is below 10 and I don't get any discards, there is some where I can just pull cards from? If so, can you explain that a little more? Also, if I do get cards and I go over my 10 card limit does that mean they are lost to the "common pool" again and all I can do is wait for them? This also doesn't let me buy items I have had one of but want 2 or 3 off right?
  5. Err... I read your post but I am not sure I understand you. It sounds like your saying I don't need to be able to buy them because they will show up again some day if I just keep playing. If that is correct then... ok but a pre-mission preparation store to buy common unlocked items would be useful for getting that one mace or healing potion I need since I had to banish a card last mission. Or if I just want 3 thieves tools instead of the 2 I have had all game. If that's not what your saying and "you can take them directly if you have not enough cards (and your stash is Empty)" means I can buy back cards some how from a pool of banished cards, I am not clear on how to do that and what the restrictions might be. Can I only get cards back if I have free space in my stash after the mission and if not its gone forever? (I mean I am sure the same item might show up as random card again. But can I just buy or pull cards from the "common pool" some how? Maybe try and say the same thing a different way ... because I am weird and sometimes need a different approach. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, I recently got the online version of this game (both on PC & Phone) and I have been enjoying it. There is one thing that drives me a little crazy. There is this requirement that you discard down to 10 unused cards and then they give you this gold. I don't mind having to "clean up and prioritize" down to 10. I consider it a "carry capacity limit" and getting gold is both a good way to do that and re-enforces the way I think about it. What I don't like is having only the 500 gold piece chests to buy from. I end up having to get ride of potions and common equipment. However I find if I change my party sometimes I need common equipment. Sometimes I am forced to banish party equipment I need. As far as the chest go they give great equipment that might be useful depending on my party and what I already have. My humble suggestion for a solution is to create another option for selling common items and disposables. Maybe only of items I have discarded (like a buy back program) or unlimited numbers of items I have unlocked (so I have to find the first healing potion, but then I can buy them). Limiting all items to 1 and resetting them after completing a mission pass or fail is fine. But if I lose my basic thieves tools, I would like to be able to buy them back. Masterwork tools I might have to find every time but if I discarded one, maybe there is a chance it appears in the shop later as a random uncommon. I would at times be willing to pay 250 gold for a healing potion, set of thieves tools, or any number of temporary common gear for a specific mission. Even thought I recognize I get way beet cards with the 500 gold chests. Comparing the physical card game to the online game. If I was buying packs I would also buy singles from other players or from card shops. I used to buy "trash commons" for 50 cents, uncommon cards for $1, and rare+ on negotiated or price guide prices at a my local card shop (back when I used to play a lot of CCGs) even though packs were $2.50 - $4.50 each and I knew I would eventually get those common/uncommon cards. It was just a matter of needing 3 common cards now and only have 1 or 2. This made me willing to pay a higher price each for not having to farm so that I could just have fun. If such a thing exist on the online version let me know. Other wise I am just suggesting this because it would make the in game gold more valuable and the game less tedious and more fun in my opinion. Thanks for reading.
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