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  1. That is exactly what I meant. Creation point suggested attributes. Thank you for your responses on leveling and otherwise!
  2. I have a paladin shield barer on my POE 1 game that I will be using in POE2. Using the gold silver star system of POE1 it appears that my best multiclass choices for POE2 are Eothos priest, druid or fighter. My stats bare without enhancing rests or any equipment are Mig 16, Con 14, Dex 11, Per 11, Int 15, Res 16. These include bonuses from the machine in Heritage Hill and elsewhere. I understand that my cruelty 2 and deception 1 are negatives. My question is which in this case would you choose? I am leaning towards Eothasian priest. Please state why you made your choice.
  3. If the level caps at 20 what is the level cap for multiclassed? 10? Please help!
  4. Required die needs for good PnP are d4, d6, d8, d10 and d20. For stat checks, weapon dam etc. D100 can be easily done with 2 d10 rolls. Therefor nothing above d20 is needed. These dice were needed for DnD type gaming. However most modern games work strictly off of percentage chance and would only require a d10. The d20 was mainly used for THACO rolls to determine hits, critical hits and critical misses. To hit armor class zero. If you play games using DnD rules like Baldur's Gate you will immediately see the necessity and use of the d20 die rolls. ​PnP requires a lot of imagination and good bonds to reach fullest enjoyment and avoid fights. The most important position is DM or coordinator as the DM's primary goal is to keep it enjoyable for all players. Most people make bad DM's as they take things personally and/or compete against the players. Me vs. them. All players have to do is respond to given stimuli. The DM supplies that stimuli and shapes it as it progresses in a fair enjoyable environment. DM'ing requires a lot of preparation and work and level headedness. Leave your ego at the door alpha personality. I believe 9 out of 10 people are incapable of good DM'ing no matter how much they want to do it. Remember, as DM you are responsible for keeping it enjoyable for all players. Not just yourself.
  5. Hairy wild Orlan ciphers and druids, dark skinned rogues and mages, indigenous American pathfinders, and armored European or Nordic paladins and fighters. That's the way I like it. Only place I would prefer dwarves is on all ship crew positions or stronghold defenders. Dwarf chanters would be great. Just not into dwarf or ogre adventurers. Love the Orlans as they remind me of hairy Kenders from Hylo or Goodlund. Baaz, Kapak, Sivak or Aurak draconians would be totally awesome in POE world. Dwarves are not big enough to wield a dragon lance! An army of giant miniature space hamsters that go for the eyes would conquer the world! Or animal companions the enemy distracts with laser lights would be fun. Shipboard canon that fires circus clowns onto the enemy deck to distract and confuse. OK, maybe that last one is a little overboard but quite entertaining. ​I have never wanted to age a month so bad in my life! April 3rd get here already! Peace, Love, Truth and VOTL!
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