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About Me

The Sargoth FAQ:


Who is Sargoth guy anyway?


He is a regular everyday normal guy


When will it be released?

I've been released since 1985


Whats the setting like?


Fjord, small city, Norway


Do you believe in God?



Cool. Do you like..ehm..get pissed if I trash talk about religion and/or God?



So what do you get pissed about?


well, I don't really care what happens on the net. So I don't get pissed off at comments trying to piss me off


But there most be something?




Oh, common! bull**** called! you get pissed off


no, not really. Not even with repeating stupid remarks


Damn... what else can you tell us?

I'm the PR guy for Angels Fall First which is a Sci-fi universe with no 'aliens' and a war between two factions; The AF and the ULP.

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