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  1. I am so happy to hear of the console update part. Love POE so much and now having TB option in 2 will be epic on console. Thank you for the update and continued porting to consoles!
  2. I agree with you, and to try and make some lemonade from the lemons of waiting for the console release, I will squeeze in another play-through or two on PS4. Find it difficult to obtain the "Relative Pacifism" Trophy, so going to give that a go...
  3. I am in the same boat regarding the console release date. I am on my 4th play through on the PS4 Verison of POE and really am impatiently waiting for POE2, but I think as others have mentioned, the original estimate was Holiday 2018. However, given the DLC release schedule, I would not be surprised, saddened yes, but not surprised, if the console release slips well into next year so they can include all the DLC in a definitive edition. Either way I have it on order on amazon, just to help show interest in continued console ports.
  4. I see the PC updates and road map for POE 2 show DLC through October, and so far many updates to the game being pushed out, so I am thinking any console version would incorporate all these so it seems like Holiday 2018 may be wishful thinking on the console version coming out. My original order on Amazon for both Xbox and PS4 copies shows not available now and sign up for email updates. Really hoping this makes its console release eventually, as I am totally enjoying POE 1 on Console and really want to play this on Console. (Edited to update that the game is still available to pre-or
  5. I am of the same opinion that I hope it does well. These types of games have been few and far in between even on PC up to a few years ago, let alone the dearth on console, so I hope for many positive results to foster more of these being made.
  6. They did delay it a month to finish some fine tuning the end product. Not sure how or if this affects the console port, but seems unlikely. I base this on the assumption that many of the console modifications manly pertain to control systems and I assume ( yeah not always the best option ) that many of the last minute fine tuning may pertain to bug fixes and tuning stat systems and not control issues.
  7. I know I am way late to the party on this discussion of PC-Console Port, however from my understanding of timelines, wasn't POE2 in development long before the console version of POE was even released? By several years in fact. I may be mistaken, but given that evidence alone, how could the Devs know how well or poorly the console version would sell if at all, thus decide to dumb down the controls and systems for POE2 so far in advance? Seems highly unlikely. It more seems to me, and from my opinion only, from reading all of the information Obsidian provides during their development cycles
  8. I am very happy to read this and actually saw Amazon has the three console versions up for sale. I pre-ordered the Xbox One and PS4 Version, same as I did for POE, as a way to support the continued console version being offered and to play it with my wife on the PS4 in our living room. The Xbox One X version of POE runs great, with much quicker loading times and the controller layout and use on the consoles is very well thought out and works great for a game like this. Makes me very hopeful for further console support of games of this nature, that a game like POE and POE2 can have such an
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