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  1. I always favor style as much as (or sometimes more than) function in an RPG, and Pillars of Eternity is no exception. If something looks good on a character, I will wear it even if it's not the best piece of equipment that I could give them for their class or role. Here are a few characters in my party who aren't wearing the most optimal equipment, but they look great nonetheless. This is my ranger character named Aela. Sometimes I wear the pink and silver cloak until I get this one and the ring of thorns. I love how the exceptional hide armor looks on female characters. I usually wear the fur-lined Dyrwood clothing until I get this hide armor. Durance, who looks awesome in this armor and helmet that don't really suit his class completely. Kana, who looks cool in most things. The Deadfire hat looks awesome on him. Sagani, who looks good in the Wayfarer's Hide. I swap the hood for the eyepatch if she uses firearms. I always have Aloth and Eder as well, but those guys are always changing equipment. I usually have Aloth in Angio's Gambeson for a while.
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