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  1. I've made both Cipher and Druid, tho for Cipher I took antipathetic field and mind wave. I've didn't read your suggestion Boer before that, so I'm just gonna roll with it. The character is a Hearth Orlan, starting with pike, I plan on getting him enchanted greatsword with shock dmg when I won't be using the Firebrand. As for Druid i took Moon Godlike (all the Godlikes look so freakin awesome, that I almost took one for my Cipher too xD ) and I took cat form instead of boar - just becouse of personal preference. I distrubuted attributes as you suggested, with lowest being 10 (I didn't
  2. Okay, I've decided to put away ranger for now. So.. The Firebrand is a summoned sword, if I understand correctly - from the items you wrote about earlier, yes? Sounds kinda cool. Hah, the whole day went by and I still didn't start playing the game, and you know what guys? I have this very problem with every single RPG game, give it be single player or MMO. It takes me ages to decide what I want to play. Cipher/Druid stayed, but I added Monk and Barb to my options now, so it's not going too great. I think I'll just roll a dice and see what happens. I'm still not totaly convinced about Barb,
  3. @Boeroer - that is a great advice there and thanks for that! I don't know yet the abbilities or items you wrote about, since I have yet to start the game, but I should be able to figure it out, or just check them on wiki, if there is one somewhere. I'm realy impressed by the ranger guide - it was fun to read and had a lot of detail. The only problem I've got with your advice is that I'm even more confused about which one to choose and play first xD And it is quite a problem, since my work takes a lion share of my time. Add sleep to it and I don't have that much time for games as I would
  4. Monk wouldn't be better if he went on unarmed rather than with weapon? Also his style of being beaten to beat up enemies isn't that appealing to me. As for barbarian - in most games I consider them a brutal meat heads and I'm looking for someone more 'charismatic' or intelligent to roleplay. Paladin doesn't sound bad, never played a paladin in any of my games, but I might think of him a bit.
  5. Hiho! I'm Jahz and I'm new to this forum and PoE. I have to start with - "Sorry for my english", couse it can suck at times. Okay, now before I post my question I need to give you guys some background: I haven't played a lot of old-style cRPG games. Only a few quite a long time ago already and tbh I never was a smart man, more of a straighforward one so I need some help from you guys. By not being smart I mean - I suck at micromanagement of my characters and figuring out good tacticks to use, so I'm probably going for normal difficulty and I'm not realy looking for MIN/MAXing my character
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