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  1. Going pure elven wizard again, mostly because I just love wizards and they’re always my go to class. That and I really like the background story I made up for my wizard, of wanting to be the next archmage and doing pretty much anything to get that goal done.
  2. I’m honestly surprised more people aren’t talking about how spells need to go through, armor, a save, and a need to be accurate in order to be effective let alone actually manage to get through the air with things like interupts flying around and your spells taking so very long to cast. Granted I know their value has been lowered to account for the fact that you can now use them every encounter but still that seems like a bit much in order to make a spell count when you cast it.
  3. Hopefully resolve increasing will, doesn’t add another stat to stack for full casters. We already have perception, intelligence, might, and dexterity to worry about.
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