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  1. because you have weapons with stacking bonuses, modals that can lower defences and so on , i was multiclassed with chanter, and had paralysis, so torments reach was like a red-headed child, and was not that reliable i found. Thing is, i think the plain monk is better than SP, because gaining wounds is not difficult if you go into bunch of enemies, and with that monk shield that gets you a additional wound for any damage you take in meele. Naplazca is plain monk on stereoids, pun intended, so its head and shoulders above the rest. Helwalker tho works best for ranged caster multiclass, or evem mele wizard MC when you get your arcane veils and stuff
  2. turning wheel, can only give you 5 int , and +25% fire lash, or the other side of the tree 1.5 armor and 5 con. I usually get both, and switch depending on need to tank or need to dps Its one of the stronger monk talents, and it's basically useless for SP, since you built him for torment spam, which IMO I never used for spam, but rather stun( for which you need to micromanage positioning which can be quite annoying), and found that just auto attacking with weapons that have good enchant is better for single target damage
  3. thats precisely it, all this calls for nerfs wouldn't change anything, because most people here have no clue, its all pipe dream theorycrafting, people dream up combos they dont play with, or understand in practice, while most faceroll POTD with basic stuff things like giving enemies better AI, and more tools would be more benifitial, have them focus fire, disable buffs, chain paralyze and so on... then we get harder game also cheseing out in and out of combat was bane of every RPG i ever played
  4. no, that just means they become priority. you need to develop different tactics to get rid of them before you can enable your buff combo. What we get is that enemies get tools to counter, that makes game harder, rather then nerfing something you didnt even played with, because in your pipe dream its OP :D
  5. all of this is countered with 1 point cast ranger ability which no enemy ever uses. -30 seconds on all buffs, means briliance, unbending or whatever is over or close to over, with addition that attack interrupts as well
  6. Flagellant's Path doesn't do a full attack to every enemy hit along the path, it does a small amount of crush damage. It's significantly less powerful than charge. Anyway I'm bowing out of this argument. It's not going anywhere. and yet i would still clear solo on POTD without brilliant so lets see, me using a weaker combination for charging gameplay get to win this faster without brilliance and without spending all of the mortification, than stronger fighter set with brilliance. hmmm maybe because i didnt use brilliance, but tornado or paralyze instead
  7. tranq shot from ranger, or arcane damp from wiz, and your ded the biggest problem with difficulty right now, is that mobs are basically meatbags with no knowledge of countering buff combos
  8. You've played a lot of solo chanter to test this have you, or are you theorycrafting? Great argument. If someone does something different to you they are clearly bad at the game and need to L2P. You couldn't possibly be wrong. i have played chanter/monk, and did some fights solo, and monk has a flagellant path, same thing really, except in that kind of gameplay weaker because of lack of cleaving stance. I have never thought that brilliant would change anything significant thing is that with brilliant you get nothing in terms of damage if you use positioning charge can enable cleaving stance, if you paralyze and charge trough you get more crits, tornado itself can clear half the mobs alone... What you get with brilliant, is after you spent your 18 discipline down the line if you are that gimp that you didnt finish the fight by then, you get a charge or 2 more, whaaat LOL. even penetrating strike when around bunch of mobs is more useful then charge to take full benefit of cleave
  9. On solo? Yes, you often do. casting tornado + charging is more efficient, so no and the fact you have cleaving stance, you dont need more that 9 charges, giving an example of guy who obviously needs to L2P, is not an excuse
  10. This isn't theorycrafting. Raven Darkholme/Victor Creed used this in his solo PotD playthrough already. And again, you reach max level way before Ukaizo when you play solo. Who cares how long it takes to build phrases back up with Brilliant. You aren't using Brilliant to cast invocations, you're using it to spam Charge. Again, this has been put into practice. It's not theorycrafting. so ok, you dont really get this when you get charge, you still have ways to go to unlock this combo, but without it you have like 12 + 6 discipline with empowering, so thats 9 charges, really you need more? you still have explosives, damage invocations, summons and so on, for that 7 phrases you could have cast tornado which is basically equivalent of bunch of charges, it does bunch of damage and jumps around. I would get 150 damage per tornado bounce
  11. You start combat with either 6 or 7 phrases at max level (it seems to vary for no particular reason). I can't remember exactly how many the Brilliant invocation costs, but with 7 you definitely have enough to cast it straight away and with 6 you have to wait at most 3s (as a Troubadour). You then spam something like the Fighter's Charge ability, which performs a full attack on every enemy in the path and which, combined with cleaving stance, destroys whole groups of end game enemies in no time at all. I'm sure there are better ways of abusing this but I don't think paralysing or summoning will be one of them (paralyse is pretty unexciting in Deadfire). EDIT: RavenDarkholme/VictorCreed used this in his solo PotD game. He reached max level way before Ukaizo. Remember you level faster solo than with a group. EDIT2: I agree that the game shouldn't be balanced around solo play, but if there's ever going to be a meaningful equivalent of The Ultimate achievement in Deadfire it's going to require balancing to remove things like this, as right now it'd be trivially easy (early game you use summons to get through encounters, running away if things are going poorly to deaggro enemies). you were saying its broken for multiclass solo, while basically you will only use it only in end game area, so you will need to live without it for whole god damn game. How does that makes any sense? I think you guys are theroycrafters with no practical knowledge, it's frustrating to read this to get 7 phrases after brilliant back, you need 15 seconds, so after you cast brilliant, you basically get 3 phrases per 6 seconds. Troubadur has it easier, this invocation works with troubadours the best, but still, its most useful to chanter itself. Only way around this if you empower it with Sacha sabre, but then again you can use that empower to chain cast more useful invocations. I see here lots of number crunching and pipe dreams of armchair generals, but no experience with using it
  12. In group play its probably not, but when playing solo with a multiclassed Chanter it can trivialise the game once you get it. Sure, it only comes at a high level but there's a lot of game to complete at max level when you play solo. game is not balanced around solo, also i am not sure for multiclassed solo since you are getting it at level 19, basically ukaizo, yeah first you need to wait some of your phrases till you get it so you can cast, then you are at 0 phrases again, all that time you could already kill, paralyze, summon, or watever
  13. no, what i am saying its not gamebreaking like you guys are saying, because you can already get your resources back by empover in a pinch. You get this stuff late, where already other classes have lots of resources, so it's a moot point. Really, brilliance is used like this. You spend 7 phrases at the start so for the next 30-45 seconds(depends on intelligence) you get your phrases quicker. Its a trade of, long-term you get more phrases, but at the start you could used paralyze, damage, or something that would have more impact in battle. You basically neuter your self at the start as a chanter, so you can be stronger later I had brilliant, and i found i only used it sometimes, if i had nothing to do(Ie fight was already under control), not really something that would turn the tide
  14. thing is that you dont need to use drugs for easy fights, you still get wounds when damaged, and with that monk shield on, its pretty easy to have wounds to spend, and can always use mortification abilities I would basically use drugs only in situations i knew it would be harder. Shattered pillar sucks, for turning wheel, the fact you need to do damage for wound, and your attacks can miss, and the fact that some of the wound spenders are defensive, force of anguish, blade turning, and they are best used if you get under pressure. You can do damage to one enemy at once, while more enemies can damage you in the same time, so its easier to get wounds by taking damage Shattered pillar is basically one trick pony, for casting torment reach Imo Nalpazca is best overall, helwalker for ranged builds, and builds that can stack lots of defences, then no subclass monk, and worst is shattered pillar
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