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  1. For me, the answer to that question is that I like computer games that are a fantasy. That aren't something I could be doing in the real world. For example, I can't (won't!) run around in the real world with guns, grenades, tanks, killing people (shooters). I can't pretend to be an elf hero wielding magic, or a muscle-bound barbarian doing killing leaps and hacking all around me (FRPGs). I can't build/guide a civilisation from barbarism (or a single world) to ruling the world (or galaxy) (4X games). However, I can grab a ball and some friends and go outside and kick/hit/toss it around. Grab a tennis racket and go play tennis. Join a social sports competition and play the game. So hate - even dislike - are too strong. I'm just not interested in sports games since I'd rather play the sport than play a game about it.
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