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  1. Ok, well, the latest patch seemed to fix it. It also seems to have deposited 2 large drakes and some sand grubs right at where my party was on load, so there was a bit more challenge to the fight, but at least it didn't crash!
  2. Allright, let's try this one then. This should have all the logs and dumps and the savegame. Thanks again EDIT: Just realized this didn't get through because the file was too big, I'll try again... Ok, here's everything but the savegame. I can't seem to upload the savegame as part of it because the save file is 2,000 kb, which... is over 507 even zipped. 2018-06-06_110748.zip
  3. Hm, I could've sworn I attached them. I can't seem to attach the error.log or the crash.dmp files(I am not permitted to upload files of this type) Also, I went to just skip the wurms and enter the temple and encountered another crash, so it might just be that there's x amount of time before a crash in this load. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  4. At the Poko Kohara ruins, if I approach the pack of Desert Wurms from the southeast, the game engages in combat, and then about 2-3 rounds into combat crashes completely. I've attached the crash file.
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