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  1. Honestly, I know its far fetched and won't happen but I would love for a little side quest that allows you to transfer Modwyr's soul into a Devil of Caroc like mechanical body. Also, a unique staff that acts like a wand maybe? Something ranged and wizardy.
  2. Shown on the pictures connected to this post, you can see two different visual issues with the plate armor on the female dwarf. A part of the collar seems to stretch up to the ear on one side, while a large hole appears in the underarm of the right side arm. Also, not shown since this isn't a mountain dwarf, but with a mountain dwarf any dark skin tones show up as extremely patchy and looks very strange. This issue wasn't in the beta either so it something that changed from beta to release.
  3. Gotta be "that person" for a second but I guess because I commissioned the piece and the artists signature was cropped out, I feel like the least that could be done is to share their twitter (@Ashinthepan), perhaps it could be helpful for anyone looking to get a custom portrait themselves.
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