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  1. Also Obsidian wird nix zensieren und damit sollte dein Thread auch da sein. Außer du warst beleidigend. Sie haben auch angekündigt das die Übersetzungen sich nochmal vom auswärtigen Team (die Übersetzung hat nicht Obsidian gemacht) angesehen werden. Ich kann dir aber aus den erfahrungen mit anderen Spielen von Obsidian sagen (Fallout New Vegas // Pillars 1 // Tyranny) das hier wohl nur die Gröbsten Sachen gefixt werden. Schau dir mal den Mod zu Pillars 1 an ^^ Selbst mit dem neusten Obsidian Patch brauchste den mod. Ah...ich Dödel war einfach zu schnell mit dem Scheiben, mein Bug ist natürlich noch da. Kann man irgendwo einsehen welche Fehler ihr hier schon übersetzt habt?
  2. Verstehe ich das richtig das auf Deutsch lieber ein Mod erstellt wird, als das Obsidian da selber was fixt? Ich hatte gestern die fehlerhafte Waffenübersetzung gemeldet und der Post ist glaub ich nicht freigeschalten worden.
  3. I player PoE before and the issue was the same there... Some weapons are complety wrong labelled: English -> German (wrong) -> German (right) Sabre -> Intellekt -1 -> Säbel Morning Star -> Verfassung +1 -> Morgenstern Pollaxe -> Gewandheit +2 -> Mordaxt Pistol -> Entschlossenheit +2 -> Pistole Quarterstaff -> Entschlossenheit +3 -> Kampfstab Hunting Bow -> Intellekt +2 -> Jagdbogen Great Sword -> Gewandheit +3 -> Zweihänder Pike -> Entschlossenheit +1 -> Lanze Hatchet -> Intellekt +1 -> Kriegsbeil You should see this behaviour when you right click on one of those weapons. It is only a matter of the items, not of the overall localization. So the weapon skills are translated correctly.
  4. Hi, unfortunately i visited the isle of Hasongo before meeting the Queen in Neketaka. I stepped onto the island, see Eothas footsteps and realized that maybe this would be a better place for coming back afterwards. As i meet the queen some hours later, i had to admit that Hasongo was overrun by Nagas and Eothas and that i spared the naga...but that was not true. I killed a few of them before leaving Hasongo and i had basically no idea what happend on the island. My charakter also know Eothas next turn tu magrans teeth...what maybe ist not possible without playing the whole Hasongo quest. After the meeting with the queen, i travelled back to hasongo to deal with the naga ...and maybe fix the quest...but i find an army of ships there, whose sailors told me that they are happy, that i brought back the light to the adra at Hasongo....but i didn't do that at that point. So maybe, there is another problem with triggering the right events in PoEII...had a similar issue with the boderos/valerian-households. I am not that picky with bugs, but those event trigger are ruining my experience on that lovely game.
  5. I had to look it up at YT to solve it peacefully. Find that way not very intuitive. In my opinion there has to be a fix for the order of decision you could make. Same thing on other spots to, so i found Hasogo earlier and travelled later to the queen and i had to admit, that i found the island but spared the attacker. But the attackers killed me in the first place. Maybe i lost an entire quest by that logic...
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