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  1. As the title says.


    I would like to roleplay as something different. And what better than being able to have :


    1- Angel / Demon Wings


    2- Horns for devils or Oni


    3- Wolf / Fox / etc etc tails and ears


    This way, i could create a monstrous party, for an evil playthrought.


    I could have a male devil, a male werewolf, a fallen angel and a kitsune.


    Of course, i am aware that editing the models is near impossible. So it would be nice if some modder could create equippable items that add these horns / tails / wings

  2. Hello, if anyone could help me i would be grateful.



    What things should be: (Like it happens in DnD and PoE1 )


    - if i click on one of my characters, he/she talks ( like " Hei", " Yes?" and so on...)


    - if i tell a character to move / attack , he/she should always talks.



    Instead, what i get is:



    Silence. Main char and hirelings talks like only 1 time per 50-60 clicks or orders i give them.


    It's a bit immersion breacking, it's like having a mute party.






    What i humbly ask you all is if there is a way to fix this. I want all my characters to say something every single time i click on them.


    But i see no option to increase this. It's like the game has set these kind of banters to barely minimum.

  3. Vote:


    6 / 10.



    Was it worth the money you spent as a backer? 


    Sadly no. It's absolutely not worth more than 60 dollars, not to mention how much money i spent on this.


    This does not mean that PoE2 is a bad game! I will explain soon enough.



    Explain what you think was good/great in this game!


    Combat mechanic is entertaining and flawless, i enjoyed it as much as in PoE1.


    Fireweapons are more entertaining and useful here than in PoE1.


    Graphic is greatly improved, i enjoyed the new character models.


    Plot, while not being a masterpiece, is very interesting and entertaining.



    But you gave a 6 / 10. What's wrong in this game, in your opinion?




    1- First of all, combat is unbalanced on PoTD. 90% is easy, then a few battles are hard as hell.


    And i'm not playing with infamous characters min-maxed in order to cheese. My party is normal.



    2- No final battle if you choose to destroy the wheel.


    That was a bit disappointing. I mean, i get that we side with Eothas so no need to battle. But add nonetheless an alternative boss.


    I was like " Ok, i leveled up my party from level 1 to level 20, searching good equips for a final battle that never came. "


    It is understandable, given the choice to side with Eothas. But nonetheless it is a letdown.


    It comes to my mind a similar game, called Divinity 2 Original Sin. In that game, in the final battle you had the option to not fight your worst enemy. But if you choose that, the game has a

    that makes you side with your ex-enemyes-now allyes against a new bad guy.


    In short, a final battle was always there.




    3- No stronghold.


    the ship is not a stronghold if you don't like that kind of roleplay...




    4- Too much focused on sea traveling




    5- It does not feel like a true RPG, because there is no real exploration. (unless you adore ships)


    Most of the time you are on a ship.


    I mean, each place you can explore is a separate location that you can reach only with a ship. And most of the time the place is small.



    There is not the feeling of traveling around a big country like usual D&D games or Pillars of Eternity 1.


    Places are not connected, there is no continuity.


    It feels like going randomply around the sea, finding sometimes various repetitive locations.




    6- Places are repetitive. Obsidian, don't think i had not noticed. A lot of locations you can explore in the various islands are the same, but with different monsters inside.



    7- Too much focused on sea traveling, if you are not a pirate your roleplay greatly decrease.






    It is a nice game, but it is absolutely not good as PoE1.


    The only real thing that PoE2 does extremely well is improving the combat mechanics and character models.


    I would love to play PoE1 with PoE2 character models and battle mechanics.




    It sadden me, because this game feels like the developers wanted to try implementing the sea traveling into PoE, but things got bad and sea travelling instead swallowed PoE.



    All in all, it is a nice game. But not worty more than 6 / 10 because it has lost a lot of the appeal of its predecessor PoE1.


    As a final note, i add that i regret having backed it. I won't repeat the same mistake.


    This game deserve to be bought and played because it is enjoyable, but it does not deserve all the money one can spend as a backer.

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  4. I have just one thing to say.


    Random events while traveling on the endless sea are good, but in my humble opinion...


    the one about your crew wanting to know more about you, their captain, should happen early.


    I got it only now, after mapping more than half of the map.



    But that is not a critic, just a tought i had.

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  5. Ok, i can finally say that i was wrong.


    Even if probably i was misled because the game strongly, and i really mean it, strongly advice you to play as a pirate because the quests, rewards and roleplay is huge.


    But you are not forced to be a pirate.



    In fact, my Watcher now as now is a declared menace to Slavers. If she see a slaver ship, she is going to kill (not sink, i like classical battles, not naval ones) each slaver on the ship.

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  6. As stated many times already, there is nothing forcing you to be a pirate. In fact my Watcher would best be described as the Scourge of all Pirates. Like seriously there are a lot of dead pirates around deadfire now.


    That said, I'm not a big fan of the setting. I did NOT enjoy having to sail around everywhere, constantly engaging in the "ship warfare" mini-game, and the overall game play this offered. I prefer a more classic medieval world, but that's just me. All that said, I knew exactly what kind of world I was entering when I bought POE2. It wasn't exactly a secret.



    True, i guess.


    Well, but i hope now that Obsidian will be satisfyed.


    They get to play with ships and big bad pirates, in a setting that strongly remind us of " Pirates of the Carribean ". (We only need Jack Sparrow and his ship...)


    That said, now that Obsidian is satisfyed, i strongly hope that in the future things will be more classic.


    I do really hope a PoE 3 closer to its roots.


    More similar to Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, Pillars of Eternity 1.


    Let's leave these strange settings and mechanics (like moving around various isles on a ship, for a whole game) for another time.


    One thing is sure.


    At near endgame, it will be a great pleasure showing my true colours.


    I mean, now as now because of PoTD and enemy high level, i'm forced to use various different flags to avoid battles.


    But in the end, when i'm of a high enough level, i will surely hunt all the pirate ships on the sea.


    should be opposite.  ship-to-ship combat, sans boarding, utter ignores potd difficulty adjustments. 



    Ship-to-ship combat for me is way more simple.


    I go foward until my ship crash against the enemy ship.


    Then i enjoy a good old fight men vs men.


    Swords vs swords, guns vs guns.


    Already conquered 2 pirate ships this way.


    Why waste time with cannons when my party can eviscerate each one of them in a melee fight?


    And PoTD makes this even more entertaining.



    Oh, if it could be of some interest. My party is :


    1- barbarian / ranger. Used as an archer.


    2- Paladin / Warrior. Used mainly as a tank but also a nice damage dealer


    3- Eder. Tank. Can't do damage, but it is helpful to keep enemy melee fighters busy.


    4- Warrior / Monk. The " if you target my archer or druid, i punish you" sort of tactical unit. Useful to kill ranged annoying enemyes


    5- Druid. Cat-form, Moon Godlike, focused on healing the party. Main healer, but her 2 guns + high perception make her dangerous and entertaining to play.


    The irony of a druid that uses fireweapons...

  8. Ok, i've already played a bit. Just a tiny bit.


    But i already did such grandious battles.


    Like, (i'm doing PoTD difficulty), beating the very first pirate ship battle with only my party (of level 4) and 5 crew members (minimum required to use a ship).


    Battle possible only because of a certain amulet that grant you to summon a young dragon + 2 vywerns.



    Ok, first impression seems to point toward what you all are saying.


    You can play without being or behaving like a pirate.


    BUT if further gameplay confirm this, i have one thing to say :



    The game is litterally pulling you so hard into playing like a pirate that it could leave a very bad first impression.


    I could have been decieved, considering how strong is the hidden message of the game.


    It is undeniable that this PoE2 wants, urges you to be a pirate.


    It does not force you to be one, that's what i seem to see now. But the line seems so thin.


    There are so many features, roleplaying, if you act like a pirate.

  9. Mah. It's not jumping to conclusions. It's discussing and learning by understanding different view points.


    Think about me. I have an opinion, a bad one.


    But if you are right, something that i'm going to test in these days, i will learn to appreciate a game that until now...i considered (and still do, for now) a disappointment.


    In short, this thread could lead me to appreciate a game i backed and could lead me to buy other Obsidian games in the future.


    That's the beauty of dialogue and sharing opinions.

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  10. Well, since a majority of people seems to have a different opinion, i have to think that maybe i played and felt the game in a bad way.


    Maybe i unconsciously tought that being a pirate was unavoidable? Who knows.


    But i'm lucky that now i have 2 weeks of holiday from work. I will try in these days to play again and see if you can actually avoid being a pirate.


    And if, like you all are saying, it is true, i will write that in this topic. Without a problem.



    Sorry if I came over as supergrumpy - I didn't mean to. But I wasn't happy about it either.


    People are allowed to have different opinions. I respect that, but i admit that i become supergrumpy too, when others tells me that i'm ranting or flamebaiting, and such.


    On the net being polite is such a difficult thing, a lot of people talk to others as if they are friends hanging around in a bar...

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    Then I would say it's even worse that you claim to be forced to be a pirate despite better knowledge.


    If you don't like the whole "Pirates of the Caribbean" vibe that's fine, but (mildly) ranting about problems which are only self-perceived is supposed to lead us where...?


    As i clearly stated at the beginning of this thread, i wrote an opinion on a mechanic of the game and asked other users for their opinions.


    And you know what ? Turns out that many people have interesting ideas.


    The one who is not constructive at all here is you.


    You are not giving an opinion, nor a suggestion.


    You are simply stating that in your opinion i'm ranting.


    But even if i were, telling me that will surely lead us nowhere.


    If you think i'm wrong, state clearly the reasons. Be constructive, show me why i'm wrong.

  12. I'm glad that i'm not the only one that feel the " Pirate " thing is wrong.


    I'm quite surprised that Obsidian never thought about that. Because in these RPG the very fundament, the base, is the ability to choose to roleplay as a Good or Evil character.


    Now, a pirate can be only from Neutral Evil to Completely Evil (chaotic / lawful ). So, this ruin the immersion, the whole roleplay.



    And i hope noone will start arguing that pirates can be good guys. Jack Sparrow characters belongs only to movies.


    A pirate is someone that take other's belongings by force. This alone close all the doors to Good allignments.


    And in truth, i hate seeing my good Watcher of PoE1 being forced to play with Pirates.


    My Watcher is the kind of girl that would send pirates in prison, not sail with them.



    But Obsidian forced us to team with pirates. No choices on the matter.



    So if they ever make PoE3, I hope they'll consider adding a bit more freedom to the game.


    That's my problem and my personal choice, but i won't give Obsidian another chance.


    While this game is nonetheless good to play, things like this one makes the game absolutely not worthy of the money i spent as a backer.


    This was the first time i backed something and it will be the last.


    For me there will be no PoE 3.



    ...40 gb of a game and they miss basic things like allowing players the freedom to play as they choose.

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  13. I would like to know your opinion about this.


    In my opinion, the major problem of this game is the whole " Sea travelling " thing.



    Don't get me wrong, it would be nice if we had the freedom of roleplaying it as we please. Like, roleplaying your voyages as if you are on a civilian / military ship, doing your things following your moral code.



    Instead, the game force us to be a pirate.


    You have to hire Pirates / wannabe pirates as crew members. The default crew you already have behave like pirates.


    You have to feed them well and give them rum or similar things to keep them happy or they rebel.


    Your crew pressure you to pillage for treasures.




    Now, this is all good and well.


    ...if you want to roleplay as a pirate.


    Else, it's the game forcing you to play like it wants.




    So, in my opinion this whole thing could have been done better. Way better.


    A missed opportunity, considering that travelling by ship has a major role in the game.




    And now, for example, my char and my party members (all good people) are forced to play in a pirate ship, with pirate crew, because else you can do nothing in this game.


    Way to obliterate any kind of roleplaying, unless you like being a pirate.

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    If the game isn't hard enough I'll glady come to your house and mock/yell at you while you play. It'll cost you money but I assure you you'll want to quit because everything is so difficult. You'll be glad!


    This comment is as constructive as using sugar instead of concrete to build a palace.


    Other than that, i agree with dunehunter.


    It's always bad when you can solve a situation with cheeseing the game.

  15. You don't get a challenge or increase of difficulty with things like " no pause in battle " , " no saves allowed " , " Die once and your save file is deleted ", and so on...


    You obtain a good challenge and a good difficulty working with the AI.


    Example :


    Party has 1 ranged char and 1 mage/druid/chanter ? Enemy AI send certain monsters against the ranged char, and other monsters against the mage or druid etc etc...


    If this is done well (like it was done in PoE 1 in the monastery), you get a entertaining and challenging game.



    ...considering what i'm reading, i guess the game is still easy. Better wait for patch 4 or 5

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