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  1. What sort of riveting dialog were you hoping for?


    The whole topic is clearly about  " A Cean Gŵla as a joinable companion " and we are talking about PoE.


    Instead, there is a whole discussion about PST, NWN2 and that other game that i don't even know about. This is clearly out of topic.


    If you want to compare 2 or more different games or other things, please do that in the right topic.


    Because here we are talking about something else.


    And if this topic is of no interest, well then better say nothing and let it be forgotten instead of using it to talk about other topics.


    It's simple and polite.

  2. Is something that i would have always desired to have. I know that it won't be possible.


    Or to be more specific, i have always wanted to be able to recruit Leyra ( for who does not remember, she is the fallen captain in Heritage Hill )


    Why ?


    Because i find her story tragic, plus she seemed to retain more than a little memory and intelligence of her past.


    I would have liked to be able to recruit her. Help her solve the problem in Heritage Hill, and after that she could have followed you in order to obtain Revenge against the ones who created the whole incident on Heritage Hill ( or, in other words, our dear main bad guy ).


    Anyway, the past is the past. But nonetheless i would like to have in PoE 2 a Cean Gŵla companion. Even if i think it will be impossible.

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  3. Hansvedic, i admit that you have a point. But regardless of which class is more effective with a bow or a melee weapon, i just want to say that a barbarian can be a refreshing, new experience for people who desire to do a ranged class without doing a ranger.


    I have cleared, in these last years, many times the game on PotD, but i'm far from being a master of the game. I create builds that are intuitive and effective, but i'm the first to admit that my creations are not exceptional.


    But nonetheless they works, because i am able to clear the game on PotD.


    Now, this one is my latest project, and i believe it could be good.


    Anyway, i'm posting soon a video

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  4. Hansvedic, you have good points.


    But i would like to do an analisys without considering the ranger animal companion and bonus added to it.


    Because i'm focusing only on the character, a barbarian archer vs ranger archer, considering their skills that involve only themselves. The animal companion is, more than a skill, a companion of the ranger.  Another npc, so i would like to keep it out of this discussion.


    But if you instead think that it deserve to be mentioned, we will mention it.


    Anyway, let me mention this again :


    Plus, high accuracy + items that add accuracy + a belt that add 20% time of paroxysm --> my barbarian has + 6 CON + 6 STR + 33% attack speed for 18,6 seconds for each fight.




    Paroxysm, isn't it a great advantage ?


    And also, don't reduce the discussion on who is the best DPS.


    You have to think about the whole. A great DPS is useless if he dies as soon as a enemy touch him.


    A barbarian archer, talking about survival, can endure at least 2-3 hits more than a ranger, enough to escape or get healing or help.


    Think about Savage rebellion (it's it the english name? ). You can activate it and run away, and it heals you of a lot of hp


    What, besides the higher endurance, makes you think that this barbarian is a better ranger?


    And which weapons, abilities and talents do you plan to use?


    Boeroer, it's simple.


    First of all, i made her learn a certain barbarian skill ( i play in italian, so i don't know the exact words )...


    and now she can do hits in which you roll accuracy against not only deflection but also endurance.


    And let me tell you, a " ranger " that can target also endurance is better than a simple ranger.



    My barbarian now can score clear hits or critical hits more easily than a ranger because she can roll against both endurance and deflection.


    A ranger ? His arrows rolls only against deflection.



    Plus, high accuracy + items that add accuracy + a belt that add 20% time of paroxysm --> my barbarian has + 6 CON + 6 STR + 33% attack speed for 18,6 seconds for each fight.




    Plus, at level 5 my barbarian has 84 life points and 61 accuracy with a simple, normal hunting bow.


    Nonetheless, i'm not saying its an awesome build.


    But in my opinion i would do a barbarian archer class , not a ranger class.


    I find the advantages of a barbarian class more useful than the ones given by a ranger class

  6. As the title says, since we can import our main character in PoE II, i'm doing again the first game in order to have a fresh face to bring in the new game.


    I am doing an experiment.


    i asked myself, can i make an archer with good skills and without an annoying animal ?


    The answer is yes.




    Amaleari ( Barbarian wood elf, hunting bow only )


    Difficulty : PoD ( because only the highest difficulty can tell if your build is effective)


    base stats :


    STR 19


    CON 5


    DEX 18


    PER 18


    MIND 15


    RES 3


    This is a great build in my opinion. I lowered RES to minimum because a ranged char does not need it ( but i have to play carefully because barbarian + low RES = almost all hits she recieve are critical hits! )


    COS is lowered too because as a barbarian, even with low COS she gets a huge amount of hp.


    So, i am able to max STR, DEX and PER. Meaning, making a fast, accurate and deadly archer.


    Add that she use simple armour, in order to not get slowed ( again, no damage reduction but the point is that she must not get hit )



    Skills :


    The trademark barbarian skill, powered up, sop that it adds + 6 STR + 6 COS + 33% attack speed for 15 seconds. ( in these 15 seconds she is dangerous if she score a hit, her BASE STR becomes 24 without items)


    Survival : as highest as possible, so that when you rest you get a huge bonus against a kind of enemyes, resulting in hopefully even more critical hits.



    Result :


    I have now an archer that, unlike a ranger, has many hp and can survive being hit a few more times. And unlike a ranger, she can powerup herself with the trademark barbarian skill.


    Thr result is, in my opinion, a better ranger than the normal ranger class.



    Obvious question:


    What if she gets attacked?



    The answer is companions and party formation. 


    I have on the front line Eder (build as a defensive tank), a paladin that dual wield (sword / mace ) build as a damage dealer.


    In the back line, i have my main archer character , a monk , and Palegina with sword and shield build as a defensive tank.


    Behind my archer, her bodyguard is a druid with max damage and mind with the " cat " morph ability.


    If a monster aim my archer main character, i have my druid morph in a cat form and attack said monster with fast and strong attacks.


    In the main time, my archer also attack him and because of the aggro, it will likely ends up that the monster will change target and will point my druid.


    All of this give me time to move away my archer or send one of my other melee chars to defend her.











  7. I suppose in the end we will have to see what happens.


    And maybe it also depends on who is the true target of the game. For example, kids have no problem of buying lots of DLC, even if these DLC have small content and a price of like 9.99 dollars.


    Why? Because the ones who pay are their parents. Kids a lot of time don't think about prices of things, they do not really grasp the value of money.


    The point is that usually a kid's mindset is not " balance between price and content " but " let's buy, afterall my father is the one who pays ".



    But then, you grow up. You find a job and you fully realize the true value of money and the importance of not wasting it.


    So, if Obsidian aim the DLC for a more wide range of players (even we grumpy adults that are oh so always ready to grumble :no: ), probably we will find a reasonable quantity of content for the 20 dollars they asked.


    I hope that my post is clear, english is not my native language and sometimes it is hard to try and make a point

  8. I don't know.


    Call me old school, but i was raised with games like Starcraft 1 and Diablo 1-2 , games in which a DLC ( expansion ) added tons of content for a reasonable price.


    Now, times may be changed, but with this 20 dollars i gave Obsidian for the backer package " Pillars II DLC " , i expect an amount of content proportionate with the price of 20 dollars.


    And 20 dollars is not a small price, more or less is half the price of the whole Pillars II game.



    Now it's up to Obsidian Team. If the DLC content is small, i won't complain, but i will be disappointed and surely this will be the last time i spend money for an Obsidian game.


    This is not a critic, i'm simply being clear and honest with myself.


    But i believe in Obsidian and i am sure they will give us a reasonable amount of game content for the 20 dollars that we have already spent

  9. Caed Nua.

    Beautiful, big and most of all, yours.


    Who has never dreamed, even only for a few minutes, to walk around that quiet and beautiful castle ?


    So, what i have always dreamed (but it will keep being only a dream) is exactly this : a more immersive experience.


    Small examples :


    1- A few more NPC with full dialogues and backstoryes. Like a blacksmith that tells you why he has come to live in Caed Nua, what are his dreams, small talks about life, family etc etc...


    Nothing better that some well made NPC in order to make a place more alive and interesting.



    2- Expanded places, new places. Examples could be :


    A- the 2 towers of Caed Nua. You never have the chance to see what's inside.


    B- A nice garden maybe ?


    C- Where do the protagonist and his companions sleep, inside the Castle?


    D- Bathrooms? Other rooms in general ?


    E- The place around the castle could be expanded. If you go up in the courtyard you could go and see the half of the courtyard behind the Castle.





    In short, it will always be my dream to be able to explore a complete Fortress


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