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  1. Thank you for the good build grausch. Following your guide faithfully, I've just completed my first POTD and POTD solo game, completing also the optional dragons. Prior to this, I've only done one normal game pre-WM, and did not attempt adra dragon. I guess I'm done with the game now. I should mention also another reddit post which should be very helpful for others attempting a wizard solo game. It is very helpful to see exactly how to position and how to pull for some of the harder fights. (https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/5pf5o6/beat_pillars_of_eternity_tcs_the_ultimate_as/) I have few thoughts after the play through - I think Drawn in Spring would be a better DPS dagger than the Unlabored Blade? - Possibly taking Arcane Veil and Hardened Veil could be useful in some of the optional fights. Would help you tank some while unloading the DPS spells during the enemies' petrified duration - Just a general thought and I don't have any constructive suggestions. The melee aspect of the character felt a little weak, in that I faced much difficulty tanking enemy attacks and CC despite stacking the defensive spells. Felt I had to resort to pulling tactics all through the game, and there's few opportunities where I can just buff up and face-tank 5-6 enemies together. But I guess it showed another of the build's strength, in that I could choose either the melee and DPS spells approach depending on the encounter.
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