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  1. The conversaion never triggers but looking at the files the lines of the conversation where they change their mind do exist.I manually changed some values and it did trigger the conversations where they do change their minds, both for maneha and Zahua.Maneha should disagree with you if you do not wipe her memory, and Zahua should agree with you if you convince him that his legacy is not a positive one:""This burden of memory is not an ill one. It has made Zahua the warrior he is, and he will pass it on to those he teaches." If Zahua has a negative eperception of his legacy.:""Memory has been
  2. Hello, I am making this thread because of my personal experience with PoE and also because of things I have been reading lastly. I played all fallout games but 4, and all Baldur's Gate Games, as well as Planescape Torment, so I like CRPGS. I enjoyed PoE overall, even though some elements of the gameplay frustrated me, like having to relya lot on tanking mechanic and not being able to pre-buff before fight. Two things however make me hesitate. I reported that Maneha and Zahua hads bugged conversartionsrealted to the Eyeless Quests, as both of them always side with you(Maneha) or
  3. I agree that restrictions like these felt frustrating. What made gamesq like bg and fallout fun was also you could have a lot of freedom in how to handle fights and prepare them.
  4. I have lookd further andi have a guess that may help developers. I suspect that something is preventing the game from interpreting properly <string>n_Zahua_Legacy_Axis</string> and <string>n_maneha_pool_decision</string>. Aloth and other characters decisions are interpreted properly. Here is my guess. It might be a matter of + or -. I am saying this becaus ei suspect this problem is the very same problem you had with Fallout New Vegas years ago, when it was impossible to get the followers of Apocalypse good ending. The bug was then fixed by replacing a + with a -
  5. Yes indeed, but since i wanted to play in a RP way i ddint take her with me as i had chosen to tell her to not forget her past. I am curious to know if anyone achieved a good ending with Zahua in the team-without editing files-.
  6. I have beaten the game, but in order to get Zahua to side with me during the debate with Eyeless, i had to edit a file. I had convinced Maneha to remember her past, so the only remaining choice to temper their memories was Zahua. No matter how i solved Zahua quest(i tried many dialog options) he would keep stating pain is good. I tried to ccriticize his legacy becaus ei was told the character has a "legacy" value that should be below 0 if you want him to side with you against the Eyeless. But that did not work. In the dn: bringing zahuato see eyeless before completing his quest does not wo
  7. Hello, i have been struggling to temper the eyeles because i do not want to edit the values in files. I chose to not have the barbarian forget her past, so i have to use Zahua. But not matter the way i complete the quest, he keeps supporting the eyeless and saying burden of memory is good. I tried to use negative answers during his quests to lower the "legacy axis value". But this does not change anything. I think Obsidian should add more options to allow us to temper the yeless memory, using the traditional "might/honest/your class/ perception, etc values as alternative ways to solve the
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