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  1. Got this after dispatching all the enemies then moving to exit the area. Its on the island with the Forgotten Catacombs in the Swap. Not sure its area specific though because it didn't happen again. output_log.zip
  2. Same here - never happened in 1.0 but in 1.1 its happening maybe 1 in every 2 times
  3. I *think* this is a beta bug since i hadn't noticed before..but anyway... In the Ship Management screen i'm dragging partial supplies from Ship Management & Cargo to Food. i.e. - I double click on an item (eg.) rice and select how many i want - Now instead of then having x amount of rice, i have an amount of the item immediately to the left of the item i actually double clicked on in the first place. So If I click on grog, and I have rice to the left, then I'll end up with rice after selecting the number of units i want This happens in from every cell in Ship Management &am
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