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  1. Works for me as well - at least up until the beach when I jumped back out here to post. Thanks!
  2. We appear to be the only 'hot' topic in the tech support forum... Public beta patch is now available to try, but as of this post, we have not yet made the list of fixes. Here's hoping for Tuesday!
  3. It's possible there will be no resolution to this problem until at least Tuesday: https://twitter.com/Mrluga/status/994622262669168640 To chime in on what is being said - I give them a pass on everything except the communication thing. We shouldn't have to look through responses on Twitter to get an estimated timeline for the solution to a problem. This info wasn't available from support nor was it available from the posted note. Just a response to a tweet.
  4. A response from support email just now says this. It may not seem like the best answer, but at least it's nice to know they are working on it.
  5. Oh, it's acknowledged. I sent an email in last night and they told me as well it was a known issue. But the lack of an update is frustrating.
  6. Edited to attach my player log which seems to get stuck in a loop at the bottom. 10.13.4 here - same problem as reported. Player.log.zip
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