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  1. Actually just now Aloth randomly stopped attacking with normal attacks and used the per encounter mastered Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff... after days of not... I don't know what caused it... seems fairly rare. Maybe Aloth is just being a jerk and making a fool of me >:c
  2. Mastered spells not working with AI or custom radial slots.

  3. PS4 user here, thank you so much for bringing Pillars of Eternity to console! :D I've been playing a wizard for awhile and just started getting mastered spells, they don't seem to be working correctly or if they are I would really like some added functionality. The first thing that disappointed me was that the AI behavior seems to completely ignore the fact that these per encounter abilities exist, now this might be as intended... but another check box for mastered spells being used would be great in the AI behavior window. it would really be awesome if Spellsword Aloth would use his pe
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