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  1. Depends on what 'at the center' means. In The Witcher 2 you certainly impact the events of the game, but there are a great many important things happening around you that, while they're not directly related to you, pull you in through proximity and through the various factions using you as a pawn. It doesn't make you feel powerless, but rather intrigued to see what you can do to impact the big events. This is as opposed to being fantasy-jesus. A sentence I hope will be absent from the game altogether is "I guess you're right...". Way, way too often (most recently in bioware's games) you ca
  2. I'm personally tired of ooh-aah choir in game/movie soundtracks. Not in the sense that I don't think they have a place, but they're used too much. Be it carmina burana-style choir to convey disaster/desperation or wavering ooh-aah choir to convey mystery, it should be saved for those moments so it retains its effect. I'd like to talk a little about fantasy rpg-music in general. I, like a lot of people, loved NWN2. However, I feel that the music was a weakness of that game. Not the individual tracks mind you, but the overarching theme of doom and gloom. No matter where you are, be it a frie
  3. For a long time now dynamic music has been a part of the genre. By dynamic music I mean music that shifts on the fly as the situation changes, so there could be one track for when walking in a forest, and another that starts if you encounter enemies. Personally I've always found the transition to be terribly grating. Having the music become incredibly dramatic just because you walked too close to a undernourished wolf, only to have it end three seconds later as you swat it away like a fly, doesn't work very well. Even in a slightly more extended battle, say against some bandits, I feel lik
  4. If I donated, I'd like my money to be used to keep any and all internet memes out of the game.
  5. I was just playing Blood Money, and it definately hit me how fun it is to go in and out and leave nothing to suggest that the deaths that just occured were anything but accidents. I hope there will be just as many tricks for sneaking as there are for combat. My biggest concern currently is that you could build yourself into some kind of tank that can play Wolverine with gun-wielding thugs. I know it's an RPG, but it'd be unfortunate if you were taken out of the immersion by something stupid like that. Not that Mass Effect really tries to be realstic, but it was kind of grating that both yo
  6. I know it was mentioned in the video that the boss fight will be more dynamic in the final release, but perhaps that wasn't the best bit to show off as promotional material. It didn't look very good at all to be honest. If we're talking James Bond-style secret agents here then the one-on-one fights should be among the more riveting experiences. Take the first chase in Casino Royal for example! I hope you're cramming stuff like that into this. I'm counting on you guys to deliver a great experience, because I'm buying AP day 1. To me you're one of the very few developers who can actually wri
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