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  1. I play this game on PC and Ios. But the sync really buggy. What i complete on one system is not show on another. The new card I gain is not show on another. The character I created is not show on another. The worst part is, when i already end a campaign, the character is still locked on another. Is there a way to make sure the link is working?
  2. I do remember one 'death'. Is their a way to check which scenarios characters have completed? there is a completion tag in party management, check deck. just finish the scenarion, not a big thing, u will do this a lot in later game.
  3. As the others said, she is truly a good fighter but not a good at spell caster with only five max spell cards, while the recharge check is not very high. I want mention her skill to recharge bless of sarenrare. Rechargeable bless is one of the most extraodinary things in this game. It means u can spam bless in everything, explore, fighting, deal with any check and also help other charactor's check. So the bless power(forgot the name) is defintely the first choice u should make after finish chapter 3-5. Also max the bless card list first, and collect the blesses of sarenrare. The role choice
  4. I got a lot good cards in my collection. But when building a character's deck, I can never use them, only the basic ones. So is there a meaning I got them in my collection? Or is there a way I can use them? By the way, once I tried to stash several of my good card into the collection. Never saw them again……
  5. I've bought an Obsidian Version on steam, so I can play the goblin DLC on IOS. But I'm not sure whether it can be bought on IOS, because the price tag is a blank.
  6. As a new player, I used to form a 6 character party and found it's nearly impossible to finish a play in time. But when I turn to a 3-4 character party, time is no longer a problem. Maybe you should use bless & companions more to explore, in my experience, it means alomost all of them. If the check is too hard, you should consider such things: 1、be prepared to deal with monsters, mainly use Valeros、Amiri、Seoni, or Lini、Seelah、Merisiel when they got a weapon & can use their ablities,or even Lem、Ezren,when they got attak spells. 2、sent character to the right place, like Ezren to acadm
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