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  1. I play this game on PC and Ios. But the sync really buggy. What i complete on one system is not show on another. The new card I gain is not show on another. The character I created is not show on another. The worst part is, when i already end a campaign, the character is still locked on another. Is there a way to make sure the link is working?
  2. I do remember one 'death'. Is their a way to check which scenarios characters have completed? there is a completion tag in party management, check deck. just finish the scenarion, not a big thing, u will do this a lot in later game.
  3. As the others said, she is truly a good fighter but not a good at spell caster with only five max spell cards, while the recharge check is not very high. I want mention her skill to recharge bless of sarenrare. Rechargeable bless is one of the most extraodinary things in this game. It means u can spam bless in everything, explore, fighting, deal with any check and also help other charactor's check. So the bless power(forgot the name) is defintely the first choice u should make after finish chapter 3-5. Also max the bless card list first, and collect the blesses of sarenrare. The role choice shout be the healer. Only because of the bigger hand size. Other power feat is not important.
  4. I got a lot good cards in my collection. But when building a character's deck, I can never use them, only the basic ones. So is there a meaning I got them in my collection? Or is there a way I can use them? By the way, once I tried to stash several of my good card into the collection. Never saw them again……
  5. I've bought an Obsidian Version on steam, so I can play the goblin DLC on IOS. But I'm not sure whether it can be bought on IOS, because the price tag is a blank.
  6. As a new player, I used to form a 6 character party and found it's nearly impossible to finish a play in time. But when I turn to a 3-4 character party, time is no longer a problem. Maybe you should use bless & companions more to explore, in my experience, it means alomost all of them. If the check is too hard, you should consider such things: 1、be prepared to deal with monsters, mainly use Valeros、Amiri、Seoni, or Lini、Seelah、Merisiel when they got a weapon & can use their ablities,or even Lem、Ezren,when they got attak spells. 2、sent character to the right place, like Ezren to acadmey or Merisiel to jail, Amiri & Valeros to garrison.Lini & Seelah shines here because ther nearly fit in everywhere. 3、don't bother with the things not so important, let the check fail & let the card be banished, don't waste bless or companions on it. 4、you can also try a two character party, my suggestion is Lem with Valeros. let them go together. This combination can pass almost every check. Dealing with 40 location cards in 30 turns, time is definitely no more problem. Though it needs some other techniques.
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