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  1. well hardest part is coming : wait & see..:D Afterwards, POE II will be patched after release.
  2. Sure i’ve a 950pro m.2..My full setup is here : https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/smallest-atx-case-cerberus-x-complete-build-log.2007/page-16#post-77648 Yeah, the weather effects and some ability effects tank the frame rate. Beyond stopping me from playing more beta I wouldn’t worry too much about it right now. Little sense in polishing early builds and subject-to-change effects.Yes i guess it was related to weather, raining, on beach near the seashore.
  3. I guess it should be like of Pillards I. For standard encounter, standard/basic spells should be quick to launch. For epic battles, that's where slower spells should make the difference. After question is : what spells could be considered standard/basic vs advanced..:D
  4. Hi all, I tried the beta, using 4K, max quality and I'm only achieving a 40-50fps using a GTX 1080ti. I would like to know if it was standard results or game will be more optimized at release?
  5. Well thanks for advices about beta access...I'm in..:D
  6. Beta access is available via higher level tiers or an add-on (~$20, still available I believe). Beta access is available via higher level tiers or an add-on (~$20, still available I believe). It's still available. It's in the addons to the pledge. Thanks a lot for your answers. You are perfectly right.. I'll check pledge options I've..
  7. Hello, I just have a stupid question : i’ve pledged PoE 2 during last summer (thus i’m not a kickstarter backer), so i guess it’s i don’t have access to PoE 2 closed beta?.. I’ve checked my products bought and i don’t anywhere beta access..
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