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  1. I've made sure they don't have too many or too few cards, yeah. I didn't think it would let me progress otherwise. I'll PM via the link. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.
  2. I've been having a problem wherein every time I modify my deck, my game stays on the loading screen after I hit continue, and I'm never allowed to progress. The only way to get out of this screen, is by force-closing the game (either with ALT+F4 or by using the Task Manager). This has resulted in me losing all my loot gained from the tutorial missions, and I also cleared the first adventure solo with only the base gear, only for all of that progress to mean nothing, because as soon as I finished that adventure, the game forces you into the modify deck screen, and all progress made was lost when it became stuck on the loading screen following this. All cards gained from the adventure, and all progress lost. I'm on the PC version of the game and I REALLY enjoy the game. A buddy bought it for me and I'm dying to play it with him, but I can't with this game breaking bug happening. Are there any solutions available? I found other posts regarding the same issue, but they were replied to and resolved in private seemingly, so I have no idea how to remedy this. :/
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