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  1. Separating prisons by sex is standard. That is my point.
  2. Too many women in armies are inauthentic, not very believable, well, unrealistic. Okay. A prison filled with only men clashes with authenticity, is also unrealistic. Very interesting what you find authentic and believable, what you believe.
  3. This is interesting. Trying to come up with improvements or alternatives is much harder than complaining. Stardew Valley has you giving gifts. Fallout 4 has you doing quests. Whatever the game, you have to put at least some effort in. Work for it, get reward. Basic game principle. Is there any game that does it differently? Come to think of it there are choose your own adventures/interactive fiction from Choice of Games. They usually have romance in some form. Some are more generic than others. Two I remember being above average. In particular Affairs of the Court: Choice of Romance
  4. A guy raged that a male romance option made the first move on him in Dragon Age 2. He wrote that games are for straight guys and he shouldn't have to deal with this gay stuff. He thought he was entitled that all games be made to suit him, because they always had been. Entitlement comes from privilege. Minorities asking for a piece of the cake is not entitlement, it's a call not even for equality, but to no longer be ignored, to acknowledge that we exist, and to be treated with some respect. Relationships are a reached strech goal. Sawyer has confirmed there will be romantic relationships.
  5. If you talk about video game romance, Bioware will come up automatically. It's the only developer to consistently have romance in big mainstream titles. A big number of overall game romance is found in Bioware games. Mind you this isn't a generic romance discussion thread. This topic is about player-sexual i.e. same-sex romance in particular. And in terms in same-sex romance there is very little outside of Bioware games. Mass Effect romances consist of just talking to your chosen option, flirting and having sex before the big finale. Dragon Age will additionally throw in gifts, reputation
  6. It's good to question if there will be same-sex romances. Maybe there won't be. It's possible. If you offer only heterosexual romantic and sexual content and nothing for gay and lesbian players, then you are very clearly telling gay and lesbian players your game isn't for them, you don't want their money, you don't care what they want. Many games have done that and still do. But why do it when you can simply write romances to be gender-neutral like most of the dialog in PoE already is anyway? I wanted to bring up that Obsidian has been okay with gay characters. Doesn't mean there will be gay a
  7. I thought Dorian was written well, not just quality. He gets roughly the same quantity as other options. All things being relatively equal I prefer gay romance options over bisexual romance options. ME does gay romance with less quality and less quantity compared to straight options, then I'm suddenly not such a big fan of this approach. I'm not sure why we're assuming Deadfire is a lock for having same-sex romances of some sort. Personally the approach of having enough variety to cover a diversity quota only goes so far, as while it's better to have it than not to it doesn't by itse
  8. According to the Dragon Age Lead Writer DA2 ended up with player-sexual romances, because the dev team didn't want to repeat DAO, where players pursuing same-sex romances only had 1 romance option. Since Jade Empire Bioware had begun offering 2 romance option to straight male player characters. DAO did the same for straight female player characters and the DA2 team wanted to expand it to same-sex romances. The most efficient way was to have player-sexual or bisexual options 2 male and 2 female, not only in terms of money, as we know the game's time in production was rather short. After DA2 Bio
  9. ME only had gay and lesbian romances for non-teammates. The primary romance option for straight male players, the one you'll see in all the ads, is always a companion. These romance NPCs really do have no purpose beyond being romance options. They have no relevance to the plot and they are meant to be that way, to be completely avoidable. I mean ME3 had James Vega. The only new companion. He could have been the gay romance. But instead Bioware turned Kaidan from straight to bisexual and specifically created an entirely new non-companion NPC just to be a gay lover. And bisexual Kaidan is equall
  10. Remove the popular obvious choices. Roll a dice for the remaining options. Bar the player from taking any part. If you take out Pallegina there are only 2 other female characters left. I do find it a bit strange when characters you spend the length of a whole game with suddenly can be romanced in the next game. So would you not offer at least a choice between 2 characters to romance like other games with romance tend to do these days?
  11. If you were Sawyer and you had to decide which companions can be romanced, how would you decide?
  12. There probably won't be anything animated. It's writing and maybe some voice acting. Compared to the rest of the game romance is usually a very small and optional part of a game. It makes some people happy. Why is that a problem? It's not new either. Baldur's Gate had romance. In Planescape Torment you meet your ex-girlfriend quite early on. Romance is not a new SJW Bioware invention but I'm afraid that's basically what much of this dislike of romance really amounts to. Some people don't want gay characters in their games. Some people want games to be tailored to be towards straight while men
  13. If you debate what confirmed means, you might as well debate what defines a video game romance. If you want to secure an exactitude of words, relationships of a romantic nature have been confirmed to be part of the relationship system by Sawyer.
  14. Companion relationships are already a reached strech goal. Romances were confirmed by Josh Sawyer.
  15. Iselmyr compliments Pallegina on her fetching feathers. Aloth explains it was Iselmyr. Pallegina says she's not interested in Iselmyr. Hiravias asks about one time Aloth wanted a ride on the Staelgar. Aloth sounds somewhat distressed and says it was Iselmyr.
  16. I don't think imports will be particularly meaningful when it comes to story. Just look at Bioware. Have you chosen Anderson as human councilor? Doesn't matter, it's Udina now. Killed the Rachni Queen? Have another one. Wrex is dead? Replaced by his brother. Alistair is king? Have a 20 second cameo. Killed Lelianna? Back from the dead. I think we all know a truely branching narrative is too expensive to make.
  17. I'm not entirely sure what two-spirited means. How should Aloth be refered to? Two-souled? Possessed? Split personality? It's not just that he is sometimes controlled by Iselmyr. He's also almost cowardly. Iselmyr is much more assertive. I appreciate that he's not co cky (word filter?) like the other male companions. However if he turns out to be bisexual or gay it automatically makes the leap to the conclusion that this is the reason he's not co cky and why he's possessed by a female persona sometimes. (Just repeating myself now to save a trip to the last page.) I like Orlans. I would pro
  18. I like them. I would probably pick Serafen I he was a romance option. But Orlans are small and covered with fur. I assume the majority of people would prefer Edér. His looks are more conventionally attractive and his personality isn't too bad.
  19. I dug this thread up to indulge in pointless speculation and uneducated guessing. Edér talks about sex with women to Hiravias. Aloth being two-spirited, sometimes being a woman is perhaps not most comfortable for everyone. Is he written by Carrie Patel again? I think she wrote lesbian Maneha too. As far as I recall neither of them have hinted at same-sex attraction. So would this be considered a retcon? Serafen as Orlan might venture into anthro or furry territory. Similarly Tekēhu may look quite outlandish. Humans and elves seem like a safer choice, but then Garrus, Thane and Jaal a
  20. Is gravedigging frowned upon? Just need a topic to discuss romance. Josh Sawyer wrote on tumblr, "Some of those will be romantic in nature, but certainly not all of them." So there are limitations of some kind or another. 4 males (Edér, Aloth, Serafen and Tekēhu) and 3 females (Pallegina, Maia Rua and Xoti) with Ydwin being another female if the 5 million strech goal is hit. Edér has referenced sex with a woman in banter with Hiravias at least. Hiravias asked Aloth about a requested ride on his Spiritform. Panicked Aloth said Iselmyr requested it. Because of Iselmyr, being more or
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