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  1. When I saw the announcement I thought, "Oh cool." Then I read "release this for desktop." I'm confused if it's not coming to ios and such. Some clarification on what platforms it is going to supported would be nice. Also updates on bug fixes and optimization would be great...
  2. So when I switched to a new tablet, I log on PA only to see the game reverted back to a previous party setup (Erzen, Lini, Merisiel, Valeros to Amiri, Kyra, Merisiel) and Merisiel's card setup also reverted back from having 1 Deathbane Crossbow, 1 Acidic Sling, 1 Force Sling and 1 Venomous crossbow to 3 Deathbane and a Venomous Crossbow. But neither the Acidic sling or Force sling is in my stash at all. -VonHeimlich pfid# f0bee234ef0be689 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
  3. Okay. The game has decided laugh and spit on trying to beat a scenerio. Alright. I'll try get into as much detail I can so it might save someone's sanity in the future. Device: Samsang Galaxy Tab 2, android v4.2.2 Pfid# f0bee234ef0be689 Scenerio: Halls of Seduction Days left: 9 (including 4 gained through consecration) Locations: All closed except Iron Cages of Lust Party members: Erzen (completed adventure), Amiri, Lini, Harsk Situation: Harsk on his first explore after moving from a different location to the Iron Cages of Lust got Ambushed and failed his dex check with assist blessings from Amiri and Leni. Both assisting party member were at different locations. Lini being at the Shimmering Veils of Pride, which as noted closed. Erzen was already at the Iron Cages of Lust. The Ambush resulted in finding the villain, Mistress Delvahine, and Harsk encountered her. Harsk also failed wisdom check "before action" action phase resulting in Erzen discarding three cards (Harsk had three Shock Longbows) out of his full seven card hand. At first combat dice was available to Harsk, but was not able to use Staff of Hungry Shadows with Erzenas the game would not let discard a spell, which I had two in Erzen's hand. So I moved onto Lini who had a Swipe. Proceeded to succeed wisdom check to use spells. Then I was able to use Staff of Hungry Shadows. Did not use Swipe immediately, but instead used the staff first. Rolled dice for combat reduction, then the weirdness happened. Instead of going back combat dice rolling, the game demanded Lini to bury two cards. Proceeded to two of my three cards which were a Bear and Restoration. The last remaining card being Swipe. To top it all off, Harsk could not continue onto the combat rolling. More salt to wound added upon restarting the game when reentering the battle, then demanded to bury one card after burying the other two in the previous session. One restart later, the game ask for three cards to be buried. With the usual refusal to move onto combat after clicking on the confirm button. I am getting paranoid doing anything in this game will break it... Edit: Resolved I guess? After coming to it one more time with resignation to fortfeit a "victorious" scenerio, the game went to lost battle phase, damaged Lini for some reason, and scadaddle back into the location deck. No cards were used or discarded other than Lini with burying her hand. I guess pray harder to the RNG gods when using combat reduction cards... -Von Heimlich pfid# f0bee234ef0be689
  4. So I decided to reinstall in attempt to fix the crashing when I click on the manage deck while in the manage party screen, in doing so the game punished me so by crashing every time I try to load an existing character or click load existing button. Also the game has become senile and party members that are obviously in the party are available to be loaded in. This is getting insane. I just want to give this potion of deftness to my thirsty drunk Sajan. Sajan just wants a drink. -Von Heimlich pfid# f0bee234ef0be689 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Android v4.2.2
  5. I'm constantly running into the bug where the game refuses move onto the next phase of a character's order, but I worked around it by exiting out of the game. But this time on normal adveture 4.4 with Leni in the mountain pass location just finishing a zombie horde trap and recharging a swipe, the game refuses to move onto end phase or such no matter how many times I restarted the game or exit the adventure. Should I just forfeit the adventure? -Von Heimlich pfid# f0bee234ef0be689 Extra info: Playing on the mobile version on a samsung tablet android 4.2.2. Party consists of Amiri, Erzen, Harsk, and Leni. It was Leni first explore and had no aid on check. Neither pass and play or permadeath are on.
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