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  1. Thanks for this, I had forgotten about some of the things from when it was in development like the Blessings until I was doing some character testing and went to start a new game and thought "What are these Berath's Blessings?" lol Do you happen to know if it's safe to edit the value/cost of one in the file then start a new game with that specific blessing enabled, and then go back in and change the value back to default, if it would ruin anything?
  2. I hadn't thought about it but I'm guessing the ranger animal companion wouldn't contribute to the cipher focus gain when dealing damage? I was hoping I might be able to make a Soulblade/Stalker work out as it would allow me to get a melee fighting pet class with a bit of magic on the side for an interesting character build.
  3. After studying more of the abilities between the classes/subclasses I've been considering, I'm still finding myself stuck. Between a Cipher(Soulbade)/Fighter w/either no subclass for constant recovery or Black Jacket, and a Cipher(Soulblade)/Ranger(Stalker). I'm mainly torn between these options for more of a personal rp reason with my character than maximizing stats/abilities and I can see benefits to both combos as while I lack the raw defensive bonuses if I take the Stalker Ranger option I get increased utility with having the pet to help flank/dish out damage, boosted accuracy with so
  4. Since I'm trying to put a lot of thought into setting up my first playthru in Deadfire. I'm almost certain what 2 options of class combinations I'm going to decide between. Would there be any serious cons to going with the Cipher(soulblade)/Ranger(Stalker) vs Fighter as the other multiclass option? I feel like I'd get access to far more survivability with fighter abilities but it seems like there could be a lot of interesting utility with the Ranger option as well.
  5. I feel like after spending some of the weekend going thru abilities and skills I've narrowed down my choices to either a Cipher(Soulblade)/Fighter or a Cipher(Soulblade)/Ranger(Stalker) both geared with medium armor and melee. I would be focusing most of my main cipher based abilities around the self buff/debuff of enemies plus I know I could make use of some of the abilities that target allied with the Ranger pet effectively.
  6. There are so many interesting combos now thanks to both subclasses and multiclassing it's going to be tough getting my choice down. I do feel mostly drawn to either a melee Cipher/Fighter or Cipher/Ranger. Is it sad that I'm slightly weird about being labeled "Seer" from the multiclass combo of Cipher Ranger lol.
  7. That was the Cipher subclass I was most likely going to take, forgot to specify that in the original post. Part of me really wants to try combo'ing that with a Stalker Ranger but not sure if I'll really get enough usable melee skills as Rangers don't have a ton of skills but at least most aren't tied to being used on range weapons only.
  8. I've been watching several videos and reading online on the classes and subclasses for Deadfire trying to plan out my first character and have run into a bottleneck trying to finalize my options. I was mainly hoping to carry over a melee based Cipher and multi classing it ideally but have also considered trying to see if I could build a melee based Ranger. So my options have mostly come down to a Cipher/Fighter, Cipher/monk or Cipher/ranger. When possibly I've always liked trying to build a melee/magic hybrid utilizes the magic as a more support/debuff to my weapon damage. Also with Ran
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