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  1. This quest is also bugged for me. I dealt with the crookspur early, but I was doing it for the principi at the time. I did not present the Wahaki with the head because I had no head to present. The Rauatai automatically took the island over and the only choices I had with the Wahaki were either they kicked me out or they were mad and wouldn't talk to me anymore, but let me stay. I then eventually got the quest from the Queen to talk to them, and I left to go back to the Wahaki but they still wouldn't talk to me, so I checked my journal and the log showed that the Wahaki won't help and that I need to tell the Queen. When I go to tell the queen, I don't get an option to tell her anything. I get an option for deadfire amaua, which I am not so it's red, to ask her about Neketaka or to leave. The quest won't trigger as complete. I can't upload a save file because it's too big, even when I try to compress it. :/
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