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  1. And to all the players that have spent real cash on there treasure card, how are you going to compensate there losses, hope its not gold to by one use items or more treasure chest for more card's that they cant keep any way, did your team think of that and just desided to shank them in the back. I Really need an explanation to why it's a good feature to have when it more or less steals people's cash!!!
  2. I'm kind of sad, and a confused about the decision to automatic salvaging of my treasure card poll. For the confusing part: With the purchase of pathfinder on steam and the free DLC you get one of every card be them Common, Uncommon, Rare or Legendary, making the treasure chest function more or less obsolete and non functional, you don't get to keep any of your extra treasure card anyway so why spend gold on it. And now to the sad part: I have spent real life Cash on most of my treasure cards, and to see my REAL LIFE CASH just STOLEN from me, and I mean stolen. is kind of a slap to the face. Shure it is random witch card i get from the treasure chest is, but i still PAID for them and to just lose them like that -_-'', that's just not right, I feel like I'm been cheated out of my cash. one tings for shure, I'm not starting the game up before I am shure i don't lose any more of my card's.
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