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  1. We should at least keep the pressure on them to resolve this. After 3 weeks of silence from them other than a confusing "showing how the sausage is made" followed by more silence, we deserve answers. PlayFab have committed what is tantamount to fraud, and unless they address it I see nothing other than regrettable legal action being required to force their hand.
  2. Okie Dokie, been a few days now since the fires started, but these things happen. Please can you tell us, is there any chance that the developers of Pathfinder Adventures will keep their original agreement with their paying customers?
  3. Nobody is particularly happy that the PC version isn't free, but I guess I have two comments to add: 1. You are linking to a thread from a full month before the game was released. At that point in the release cycle, we were still even 6 months away from AD4. In a technical sense, yes, it is still accurate. Anything you acquired on mobile is available on PC. The only change is that the pathfinder application itself is not being released for free on steam, as may have been assumed. The steam game is bundled in with content that you may-or-may-not already possess. Disappointing, yes; intentionally misleading, I wouldn't say so. 2. Asking Obsidian to release the game for free on Steam is potentially asking them to double-down on an unsuccessful strategy. The F2P mechanic was a noble venture, but they ultimately made the decision that the financial stability of the game (and future expansions) required a new direction. Revenue fuels new content, not in-game gold. I understand that it was old, but it was the official line and they never bothered correcting it so anyone (like myself) who googled this before purchasing it got conned. It's definitely misleading, and the worst part is that after reneging on it they're just burying their heads in the sand and aren't even responding to customers. If they want to charge new users for the steam version then go ahead and do so, there'll be plenty of new players who didn't grab it on mobile willing to pay. But stick to the deal you made with us.
  4. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85626-are-purchases-universal-across-platforms/
  5. Yup, they told us these purchases would be cross platform and lied to us about this. Will be boycotting all Obsidian games until they fix this.
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