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  1. Just did this for fun while zoning out. Ridiculous OP but still amusing to write Jaerl's Utter Malediction Level 9? 8? Modified version of Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment. Reduces Might, constitution and dexterity by 12 versus deflection Do Not Touch Me Level 9? .3 casting time Causes anyone targeting, engaging, or adjacent to the caster to be pushed, knocked down and staggered for 10 sec vs. Will. Too similar to Cipher power? Kalakoth's/Kyton's Cursed Caress Level 9? Designed as a more versatile Ninagauth's Killing Bolt for creatures with high Fortitude or ridiculously high and divers
  2. Tekehu was charmed by a vampire gaze. After casting a ring of unshackling suppress affliction on Tekehu, which worked, the timer for the suppress affliction expired, and Tekehu was then listed as "Charmed" under "negative effects"--but he wasn't behaving as if he was actually charmed. (Forgotten Catacomb)
  3. Though stated in the imperative, these are all just my opinions or preferences, obviously; I recognize it's a bit late in development but I wanted to put this out there. -Portraits in the inventory screen ought to be on the top right hand, rather than the top left hand. Its awkward to drag items diagonally across the screen. -Scripted interactions should have an option allowing you to go back and re-read previous screens -In the cyclopedia, there should be a rough ti meline of some kind so that it is easier to situate events in the meta-narrative. 50 years ago vs 200 years ago vs 400 years
  4. --The magic system in BG2 was obviously unwieldy --with so many spells and counterspells and contingencies and triggers that didnt always quite work unless the game was modded. I understand this messiness is probably something designers want to avoid in a new game of this kind. On the other hand, the complexity of all these immunities/counterspells, the use of time stop and improved alacrity, and the ability to store groups of spells in triggers and contingencies made gameplay incredibly fun and made wizard battles almost like mini puzzles in themselves. Would you consider adding future featu
  5. Positives: Obviously as many have said the art and lighting and blend of 2D and 3D elements are great. Looking forward to seeing more integration of vertical 3D mechanics into isometric 2D perspective. Also, I love the calender/weather/day/night system. It always bothered me in traditional Baldur's gate that the season/weather/dates/times didn't seem to sync up very well. Both of these are beautiful. As for the character design. Basically I think the system is a radical overhaul. And it actually seems like a pretty cool design. I just think it’s a little too radical. I think a
  6. If anyone could post links to where Obsidian has addressed this it would be greatly appreciated, too.
  7. I'd love it if the design team could address this question at some point. I'm not in the habit of using message boards, so apologies if I'm missing some of the etiquette or if this is addressed elsewhere (But I don't think it has been). If a veteran of RPGs plays PoE 1 with all the latest updates and expansions on the highest difficulty level, its entirely possible for them to advance levels very quickly relative to the core game content, particularly if they seek out and pursue lots of challenging side content. This is paradoxically offset by the frustration of *not getting XP* for kills,
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