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  1. I'm assuming with the obsidian edition Linking pc to mobile, one has to log into the PC version to update the mobile. I say this because I'm travelling and am only able to update the mobile version, and it's saying I need to purchase rise of goblins. Even though I have the obsidian edition on pc.
  2. I have the same issue, emailed obsidian support. Also, after disbanding a party, and recreating the party, you have to do second difficulty again as a result (exact same party that completed epic already). I think I may have renamed my characters after creation, then read the posts not to do that, which may habe thrown everything out of whack.
  3. Never mind, answered in another post I read. Gold only for top tier after winning all tiers.
  4. Watching Tornis on Steam got me hooked into starting android and I will be purchasing on Steam. I noticed something that I have a question about. I only used in game gold to open the 2nd and 3rd missions, and held off opening more. Thought I would grind some gold and such until buying on steam and synching later. I completed all 3 difficulties using the two party members. Without quest mode, I expected to be able to repeat missions for 100/150 reward, but nope, just get 0. I even started a one character run, but nope, already won all 3 so no gold at the end. If this is the desig
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