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  1. You don't have to fight them all at once. As for elaborating, there's more text to thread than the thread title. I see. What about the drake fight at the digsite entrance, can you solo that also? Or you found that easy with 3 player party at lvl 2-5 in PotD and all upwards scaling? Not being passive aggressive btw, genuinely interested because people talk like you have to barely try when it takes me hours of reloading only to end up disabling scaling in the end. Ciphers - Whisper of Treason, helps tremendously on the Gorecci Street fight and all many-mob encounters early on Druids - Charm Beast, makes the fights at the dig site much easier Wizards - Chill Fog, targeted AOE that constantly tries to reapply Blind, best early lvl spell hands down All Classes - Explosives, chain a few stun bombs to keep the damage manageable until you can pick off a few
  2. THANK YOU for the difficulty increase and toning down of some pretty egregious abilities and their multi-class combinations. I've been hesitant to get invested in my play through(s) as my full-companion run on Veteran became a joke around lvl 8-10 (Paladin/Monk - yes I know the combination was OP but I didn't know during creation, I just wanted a Kung Fu master who inspired those around her with an aura of awesomeness!) Currently I'm running PotD as a Full-Companion run and, again, running over every encounter without much effort - my tank is 2h Pallegina (Fighter/Paladin) supported by DW Eder (Fighter/Rogue), DW Main Character (Rogue/Barb), tank/buffer Xoti (Priest/Monk), and I rotate the 5th spot for quests, mostly AoE god Tekehu... I even started running no-healer compositions too see if the mix of healing/buffs/AoE from Xoti/Tekehu was too good of a combo; still the encounters would fall over, especially with the addition of more mobile melee killers (Serafen) and ranged single-target masters (Maia (sp?))... Again, THANK YOU for the difficulty changes; the game finally feels like overcoming challenges with my band of adventurers instead of kicking over action figures I set up in my room as a kid. *** A point being missed by those who are calling for the heads of the so called "power gamers" due to nerfs and difficulty tuning ..... You can always lower the combat difficulty if the new Veteran or PotD are too difficult - or if you're looking to just enjoy the story, there are still Story, Relaxed, and Classic difficulties. *** Those of us who wanted more of a challenge could not turn the difficulty up beyond PotD (without mods, and I want to play the game with a full-companion playthru for the story, and a PotD custom playthru for the class/ability interactions). I am by no means a "power gamer," but I do enjoy a challenge with my gaming. Now I can enjoy this challenge while coming up with builds to help overcome these challenges, not walk over them as previously was the case. Anyway, long time lurker, first time poster Arg, a few thoughts as I got to the end... Puzzling Changes Cipher - I get the Time Parasite nerf, but why not take a pass at the PL 8-9 abilities? As a whole, they are underwhelming. Chanter - Beckoner ... just, I'm perplexed. Were single class Beckoners that powerful with the top PL summons? Currently they are not attractive as a multi-class option with a net +2 phrase change to all summons. Maybe remove the penalty to the summoned creatures and make the summon phrases cost even more (+2) so the Beckoner is a master of strong summoned creatures, if you want to pay the cost. Monk - Turning Wheel, why nerf the high PL ability when Swift Strikes was the problem? Enjoy the new balance tuning! (Get off the forums and play the game!)
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