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  1. I loaded up with around 15 scrolls of meteor shower for 2 of my party members and let loose but it still took a long time to beat the dragon down. For my next try I found a way to cheese the dragon using waidwen. When a party member steps on waidwen’s symbol of eothas, they get a buff AND waidwen unleashes the godhammer on the dragon. This attack does around 500 damage and has infinite range so it can hit the dragon anywhere in the arena. Before the triggering the cutscene and conversation you need to keep most of your party back and near the jump point to waidwen. Then have someone wear boots of speed and move toward the dragon to trigger the conversation. Everyone will move towards the dragon in the cutscene before the conversation starts. Once the conversation ends, pause immediately and get your whole party to move to the space behind waidwen. Your party will run a bit then combat will start. Keep running and your whole party should make it to waidwen, plus the dragon will “lose line of sight” and just stop moving. If the party member who triggered conversation does not have enough stride, then the dragon will follow onto waidwen’s area. So make sure you stack stride. Once you’re are safe, just trigger the godhammer by stepping on the symbol of eothas each time it reappears. It will reappear every 50 seconds on fast speed. And as long as a party member is standing there, it will auto trigger. I left the game running and did some chores. Boom boom boom, dragon was dead after 10 minutes or so.
  2. I'd like to mention that it's not only Steam, as I got my game from GOG, and I'm plagued with pink. I also got my game from GOG. So it's not just steam.
  3. Is anyone else having trouble with pink squares https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94355-several-graphical-effects-are-pink-squares-after-307/
  4. I'm also having trouble with pink squares on 3.07 2012 iMac on El-Capitan. I'm at Caryon's scar and in addition to the pink effects, the Lagufaeth's are also pink and don't attack. We need a fix ASAP
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