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  1. Its invalid because Deadfire solved the problem by doing dialogue checks mostly based on skills, rather than attributes. Issue wasn't how might influenced combat, but that a game recognized my wizard as a beefcake against my wishes. Previous system, made defining role of your character easy and elegant, while right now you have to dive deeper to see what your class will really benefit from. I think the underlying issue is that the attributes in Pillars 1 weren't really well-defined. The description of Might says that it represents physical as well as spiritual might, but then you also have Resolve. I have no idea what the difference between "spiritual might" and "resolve" is. In my mind those two terms are synonyms, so having a character with high might and low resolve or vice versa makes no sense at all. In my opinion this change makes defining your character much easier, because Strength and Resolve are now clearly differentiated.
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