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  1. Here is one I just did using a combination of MS Paint & Paint.net. I think it looks ok? I listed what I did below for anyone who wants to try for themselves. If anyone has any further advice. I'll take it. Instructions: Open up image in MS Paint: Select - Free Form - Select All - Select Transparent Selection Outline image then click crop (you don't have to be super exact) - Use eraser if necessary to remove any unwanted background - save as PNG file Open Paint.net (free program) Layers - Import from File - POE2 Background - ESC Layers - Layer Properties - Blending Mode:Multiply Image - Import From File - Select the cropped image - Adjust the image so it covers the background then - Layers - Layer Properties - Blending Mode:Multiply - ESC From here you can use filters in the Adjustment\Effects to lighten the image\take sharper edges off etc... I have primarily just used: Adjustments - Brightness\Contrast - Brightness to 40-50 or so to lighten up image and then contrast to 25-40, depending on the image Effects - Blurs - Surface Blur - Often the standard Radius:6\Threshold 15 setttings are enough to soften up the image, otherwise I adjust the threshold from 10-25 depending. There are all sorts of other things you can try, some of which I have messed around with. I just wanted something "fairly" quick and easy, and I have little\no expertise in these types of programs, but I think it works? Once your done adjusting the image - ESC - Tool - Rectangle select - Select just the image\background area - Image - Crop to selection - then resize it if necessary - Image - resize - W:90 H:141 for convo & W:76 H:96 for si File\Save - Make sure you save it as a PNG file
  2. Not sure if it is too late, but would anyone mind doing these?
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