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  1. I'll try this workaround when I play again, I got stuck at the exact same spot. On the plus side, I have bounding boots for all my characters and 3 of the unique axe found in the ravine!
  2. I played PoE many times on this system, but things are definitely a lot slower. I'm not too worried about that, as I barely met the requirements on this laptop for PoE. Actual issues: 1. Is it intended that the events and items on the main island constantly reload? Endless supply of bounding boots! 2. After finishing the ravine (I agreed to get the hatchlings back) I'm completely stuck. The boa hika path won't activate and I can't get past it. I tried saving and coming back, but nothing (though my character portrait changed, but that fixed itself). I went back into the ravine and got xp for entering a new map. Everything was friendly, except the plant guys in the lower right corner. I killed them again, and got myself a 2nd unqiue hand axe. I left and re-entered... everything reset (lauf still friendly) and I got a 3rd unique hand axe... not so unique. I also got the new map XP message on each re-enter. I'm still stuck and unable to get back to the village, but I've got plenty of axes. 3. It took about 5 restarts to get the game past the character creation screen. I kept getting black screens (with music) but nothing. Any time I quit I have to kill the process as it just sits at a black screen.
  3. Well, this is disappointing. I really should stop pledging for beta and alpha access to games, this happens far too often. At least here I have faith that Obsidian isn't just going to turn around and say "sorry, Linux too hard" like so many others have done in the past.
  4. I just wanted to report that I used this build (with only minor adjustments) for my Ultimate run and it was quite successful. The lower levels were a bit of a pain, I think I had to restart about 8 times before I got going. First, I sold everything during the intro quest (for both of us) since that guy pays about 5x the normal prices. Then in gilded vale I killed the backer NPC near the temple entrance (can kill without anyone in town caring) to get their plate armor. That helped a lot. I rushed a few money making quests and bought the animat summon. He was useful to distract, heal, and help get mobs to stay in a line for torments reach. I got the gloves and searing ring, and left the rest of rodricks alone for a while. I pushed to act II as fast as possible, getting to Stalwart at level 5 or 6 (stopped to get the shade summon, which I used the whole game). That was a pain, but there's a lot of good equipment and xp to be had there. It took MANY trips in and our of Stalwart (I could handle single ogres, up to 2, before needing to rest). Luckily it lets you leave Stalwart during the ambush. Collected what equipment I could get quickly (boots of speed were really helpful early-mid and again when I fought Llenn) and then proceed to knock out WM1 quests. I did have to take a couple breaks due to running out of money (lots and lots of flame shield potions) so I did things like rodricks for quick cash. I killed all companions (except the Monk... apparently you can't kill him) on sight, so I couldn't screw up and accidentally take them (plus free equipment to sell!). That bit me in the ass with Penn... never got the sanguine plate. There's another item that gives +2 survival, so that was fine. I used that stolen plate (with upgrades) for most of the game (until I got the soul-bound one who's name I can't think of how to spell right now). I put corrosive lash and the biggest quality upgrade on Yenwood (I wasn't thinking with the lash, originally I wanted to go higher with the quality... but it worked out well enough). Once I was nearly done with WM1 (around level 10-11) I went and did some more equipment collecting. I had most of the recommended equipment by the end of WM1. I did use a rod (I forget which one) as my secondary, as I found it useful in a few places. Lots and lots of food (the best for each stat/DR I could find). Quick items were summon (shade mostly, I had the spider one later on as a backup between rests), regen potion, healing potion, flame shield. I only changed those a couple times, once in the battery against the shades (recovery potion, that stuck affliction was a problem for me at that time) and sometimes arcane reflection. Steadfast, Yernwood, Ryona's and searing flame were the stars of my equipment, they all worked really well together. Later on consaul...whatevers head was a key player in almost every major battle. Only places I had issues with was the start of WM1 (just took a long time, and very careful planning), the sirens in the battery (speed boots, ranged weapon, and recovery potion were key), and Llen. Other than that, things were pretty easy. Oh yeah, the ambush after getting Steadfast was a pain too. Did I mention steadfast is awesome? I had it maxed out right after getting it. Once done with the ambush I did the mines quest, Steadfast was maxed before that quest was over. I already mentioned the ogres in Stalwart, pretty much just take out the first two, leave and rest, come back and do a slow path around the bottom. Speed boots would have been really nice to have here, but the ogres are slow enough you can outrun them (but the wolves can be a pain if they knock you down and let a group of ogres catch up). Battery was mainly speed boots to peel off guys (hopefully a lone siren), flame shield helped kill things pretty quickly. If perma stuck by the sirens use ranged if they are close to dead or recovery potion. If you're pretty close, torments will let you slide even while stuck. WMII ambush was a bit of a pain, I was around level 11 I think. I used shades to move two guys north while I ran sw. One followed me, took him out as quickly as possible (basically same pattern I describe below, only I didn't have connie yet). After that healed and peeled off another. The final one was hard, I was pretty much out of healing at that point, barely survived. Key with them is to ALWAYS be in melee range, if you're not they may use that damn fire attack which if it doesn't kill you will leave you nearly dead (at least at the level I was at, later on it was just annoying). I didn't do any dragons or big fights until level 16. Alpine wasn't too hard, lower left corner, ranged to start the fight, (food buffed first, of course) then flame shield. Torments reach does the rest, just keep alive (trying to be around 50% health) and keep flame shield up. Adra I did the quest to get scale breaker, pretty much ignored all the trash mobs (did that for most big fights). Mage skull dude was a big help here, and I used this opening for nearly all big fights. First flame shield (always start far enough away to get that up before they get to you). Scale breaker. Summon connie, crushing doom and searing flame. Then torments reach as far as possible. Corrosive touch from connie is normally my next target, but on the dragons you need a trash mob nearby (dragon is so big he can't get close enough to the center for him to cast it, but hitting a trash mob next to him will affect him). Normally connie is dead after that, but if he's not I use him to distract or take care of trash mobs. Next I did Llen... that was hard. First summon shades, send them slightly north (to get dragons attention) then northwest. I ran southeast, one apprentice followed me so I killed him once I was down there. Shades didn't last long, but got all other trash mobs out of the way and the dragons. Llenn was isolated, slowly went north and got her attention, pulled just her and she died easily. Next was dragons, I wanted just the big guy but I ended up with both and 2 trash mobs. This worked out well. Same pattern as Adra (big guy was in front). Killed one trash mob in front of the dragon (which worked out well, steadfast triggered) then used connie to get the little guy lined up and distracted (connie didn't last long, but he served his purpose). Flame shield, and torments all the way. And LOTS of healing. When the first dragon died the other was already badly wounded, so he fell shortly after. Then relax... ah crap, the trash mobs. I had NO healing left, no summons, and just 2 flame shields. Health was around 800. Picked off the trash mobs, using 1 flame shield, and ended that fight with only 200 health left (yes, health, not endurance). After that, sky dragon was a joke, never even thought about healing. Magrans faithful weren't too bad, I approached from the east then ran east and got myself stuck in a corner so only 1-2 could hit me at a time. Searing flame and torments did the rest. Thaos was basically the same, stuck myself in a corner, same pattern as above (minus the scale breaker). Statues fell easy, connie distracted Thaos (used crushing doom on him to keep his magic as minimal as possible) then he died. Note on flame shield, I used it even against things immune to flame as blood testament still added raw damage. Note on blood testament, they're bugged, after EVERY battle you need to unequip and re-equip them. For resting I would use the trails (+3 con) bonus, then go to wilderness and get +60% healing, then salty mast for +2 might/con. I used that until I needed to heal, would camp once and normally leave the next time I needed to camp (unless I was nearly done with an area). That pretty much sums up the major fights and basic path I took to get to the end.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I just finished a game earning the Ultimate achievement and a bunch of others. But I did not receive Zero Knockouts. I believe I should have, as getting knocked out would have ended the Ultimate achievement run...
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