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  1. I'll try this workaround when I play again, I got stuck at the exact same spot. On the plus side, I have bounding boots for all my characters and 3 of the unique axe found in the ravine!
  2. I played PoE many times on this system, but things are definitely a lot slower. I'm not too worried about that, as I barely met the requirements on this laptop for PoE. Actual issues: 1. Is it intended that the events and items on the main island constantly reload? Endless supply of bounding boots! 2. After finishing the ravine (I agreed to get the hatchlings back) I'm completely stuck. The boa hika path won't activate and I can't get past it. I tried saving and coming back, but nothing (though my character portrait changed, but that fixed itself). I went back into the ravi
  3. Well, this is disappointing. I really should stop pledging for beta and alpha access to games, this happens far too often. At least here I have faith that Obsidian isn't just going to turn around and say "sorry, Linux too hard" like so many others have done in the past.
  4. I just wanted to report that I used this build (with only minor adjustments) for my Ultimate run and it was quite successful. The lower levels were a bit of a pain, I think I had to restart about 8 times before I got going. First, I sold everything during the intro quest (for both of us) since that guy pays about 5x the normal prices. Then in gilded vale I killed the backer NPC near the temple entrance (can kill without anyone in town caring) to get their plate armor. That helped a lot. I rushed a few money making quests and bought the animat summon. He was useful to distract, he
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I just finished a game earning the Ultimate achievement and a bunch of others. But I did not receive Zero Knockouts. I believe I should have, as getting knocked out would have ended the Ultimate achievement run...
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