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  1. i agree to the point that you artificially make your game harder by adopting some rules... but this is imho something different... the boss is pure counter to one of the class. yeah i could always play OP evoker and basically one shot whole group... but it is not fun for me... or as you have said play cheezy chanter like i was in my first playthrough and just destroy this guy with animate weapons...
  2. yeah that was my initial tactic. i have managed to pull him solo... still i was just rebuffing myself with drugs until i had no drugs to use... put him down to bloodied then i died...
  3. Hi, i just tried to fight Concelhaut with my Naplazca monk Troubadour chanter. I play solo POTD with upscaled enemies. My build is based on Blade Turning spamming while waiting for my invocation to load. I had almost no problems during the game until i came up to this fight. I basically do not agree with the concept that you have character purely based on having a buff and boss that have 2 spells that can dispel your buff and that he can spam it forever. These spells should not either debuff your drugs or the boss should have a limited amount of them. Not mentioning that there is another mage in Concelhaut's group using the same spell. This post is not meant to be a whining post but it should be either suggestion for change or call for any help if anyone knows how to resist those spells. Anyway i love this game.
  4. Hi, during discovering the old city i came across the sunk statue with bones around, after clicking on the water i see few options - inspect, inspect bones adn "dive to the light". the diving options dont do anything. it just kicks me out of the dialog and nothing happens. i was looking at some walkthroughs and ppl are normally able to dive into the water and to pick up something. but i am not able to do that. i even buffed myself (i have high alchemy skill) so i have like 17 perception ans 17+ constitution but the results are the same. any help someone? output_log.txt
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