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  1. A shame this is even necessary. My current favorite PC is a devoted/barbarian. The figurine is the closest I could come to an animal companion without being a ranger. Don't get me wrong. I love rangers, one of my three favorite classes actually. I just wanted a melee specialist with an animal companion this time. I didn't even want companion advantages. So the jade tiger figurine has been a great option for me. Thanks, Joe You mean to have all the benefits of a ranger class specced heavily into a pet, so essentially getting a free 3rd multi class and you dont see the issue with that
  2. Its fairly easy to get a ton of resolve from +alchemy gear and the +alch drug then taking ripple sponge, it will override some other buffs but as like nazlpaca monk you can get like 12+ stats each off it.
  3. Nalzpaca interaction with arcane dampner is causing the -100 % healing debuff that happens on drug crash if you are debuffed with it at all, despite having 10 minutes of duration that continues once that debuff dissapear with no way to get rid of it during combat making the subclass kinda worthless in any fight involving a mage with lvl 2 spells.
  4. Have you tried switching to windowed with your screen size as window size, its a bit uninituitive as borderless windowed but it accomplishes that, and this problem happened for me also fine throughout backer beta and it was fixed by swapping away from fullscreen at least after that starting area when it was actually worse for me.
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