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  1. Sorry didnt read all that lawl!! The number of things i would like to see is less bugs then sith Lords.. an option to wear Robes with the hood up, able to pick different races for main chracters. the option for masks and other bling items (bad guys get all the cool stuff)
  2. Hello everyone Basicly i have a problem..... I go in the pit then watch the cut scenes, then watch the mira cut scene and then the Kreia and hanharr cutscene (im a lightside jedi).... but after that the game crashes to windows and i cant continue anymore... i have amassed 21 hours of play time in this game and have really gotten into the story but i can't continue it because of this problem. also before it crashes out i see myself (the exile) in the control room of the lair alive and well... guess i just wasn't worth the kidnap My system is Athlon 64 3500 1GB DDR 400 ATI X600 PRO MSI Neo motherboard I have patched, installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the game.. Also i visited everywhere else and did this planet last could be a sequence bug or something.. I can offer save files to anyone who would like to check it out for themselfs but i would really be grateful if we can get a fix for it because i really dont want to play through 21 hours again just to find out the same thing has happened..
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