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  1. This looks awesome, thanks!! I can’t wait to take a closer look and play with this when I get home from work. I expect I’ll have more questions then, haha
  2. I'd like to try my hand at adding in some custom conversations or dialogue into Deadfire.....but the impression I'm getting from trawling the forums is that adding new dialogue content would be really difficult, if not impossible. I am just about 100% new to modding, so I would love a crash-course on how I could theoretically go about making new dialogue (doesn't have to be too specific yet - just let me know if it's doable). Either that, or let me know my dream must forever remain a dream... For reference, i'm thinking of adding some dialogue for the established companions - I'm not looking to create new characters.
  3. I tried messing with Vsync and MSAA - still crashes From what I’ve heard on Twitter, there’s set to be a major patch released next Tuesday - is a fix for this problem going to be included in that patch? Thank you all for your help
  4. I'm having the same issue. Reinstalled the game, turned all my graphics settings to low, and still the engwithan arena sublevel does not load when I enter it. I get the black screen, the cursor loads, music cuts out, and I have to hard reset my computer (I can get the task manager to pop up, but it also freezes instantly.) I even tried going into the sublevel without Aloth (I figured fewer characters = fewer things to process = success??) but it still crashes. I can also go into the other areas in the digsite, as well as other places on the world map / port maje (loading times are slow, but not deal-breaking, and no crashes). I'm using the GOG Galaxy version and I am a little sad because Aloth's my fav, so it sucks to have the game blow up right when I recruit him blah
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