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  1. So i've killed orlan for headhunting misson on Crookspur island, and decided to check out that shipwreck you can see on the screenshots. And i got stuck. I cant move anywhere beyond this little beach. Most of the shore is unreachable (look at cursor), i can however order my group to go the the nearest shrine, garden (more to the east) or ship but it won't get anything since party is stuck between invisible walls, sea and mountain. AND its Trial by Iron that does not autosave, but it rewrote my save prior to this issue when i tried to exit to main menu and load that last normal save. Is there
  2. So my party got stuck while traveling Crookspur. They are stuck between shipwreckage and mountains on south-west side, near to shrine. Best thing is -- loading last save doesnt work, because its Trial by iron and i only have 1 save slot (and it was re-written when i wanted to go to the main menu and load the last save...). On like 90% of the surface the cursor looks like its unreachable destination (you know, crossed circle), however i CAN order my party to go to the ship or the shrine, but it doesnt matter because party ain't moving anywhere beyond this like 2cm2 square of beach. Is there so
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