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  1. It seems to happen more and more. Can't understand how a major bug like this is still not fixed.
  2. Hey, me again. Just came across another small thing : when finishing Serafen's quest and "resisting" his emotions regarding the treachery of his former captain, the screen (and ambient sound) stays stuck in the "soul mode" :
  3. Yeah, you're right, for a non-romance dialog the feel is very romance-y. I tell myself that that's just how Xoti is.
  4. As far as I know, it's not a romance-triggering conversation. She just likes you and is some kind of eager as always. But yeah, an option where you stay cold with her doesn't exist in this conversation. The "true" start of a Xoti romance is when she tells you bluntly that she loves you and you're not forced to say that you feel the same. The conversation you had is just part of her quest, not her romance.
  5. Hi again, It seems that I also am experiencing the "item disenchanting" bug explained in https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105920-downgradingdisenchanting-of-quality-and-unique-gear/ I did some fights in Hasongo against Nagas (just outside the building with the save file I provided) and looted 2 "fine bows" that are of normal quality and not fine, amongst other fine bows. Playing with some berath's blessings (+2 stats, +2 skills, 5000 pands and the berath merchant in Maje), potd.
  6. Hi Jlee and thank you for your answer. I saw indeed in other threads that the music "issue" was coming from the new night-time music feature. In my humble opinion, there should be a way to disable it, as I think it breaks a lot of the atmosphere by playing a theme from Dyrwood (which was great for this place) in the Deadfire (not so great here). If I remember correctly I didn't see that feature mentioned in the patch notes, but maybe I missed it... So now I know it's not a bug but a feature, even if I think it needs some polish. When I had no music in Poko Kohara, it was a night time. And by the time I reached the 2nd floor maybe it was daytime so the music started playing. That may come from this new feature as well ? For the difficulty 'bug' (still trying to figure out what could have caused the difficulty to switch by itself) here's my latest savegame. I don't know if savegames keep some kind of history of difficulty changes but well. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0e1gdlphvwf1vvo/Zereyn%20%283b861637-176b-4f37-b5e2-7df74b582385%29%20%28LAX-12ABCDEF%29%20autosave_0.savegame?dl=0
  7. Hey everyone ! Since 3.0 patch I noticed several issues with music, either I have no music at all (happened in Poko Kohara until I got to the middle of the 2nd level, before that I had the ambient sound but no music even in combat, even against the titan), or that theme from PoE1 (iirc, the very first area theme before Cilant Lis) is playing in loop, 4 or 5 times until I get the correct theme for the area (happens in Neketaka for example). Sometimes this theme from PoE1 starts playing and the correct area theme is playing at the same time causing an ugly overlap and after a few seconds the PoE1 theme stops and the area music starts playing accordingly again, even when changing areas (tested in Neketaka this evening). Secondly, in french version of the game the new checkbox in the audio options has no description or tooltip. Also, when I load a savegame, I sometimes have a bug where all of my crew food/drinks are consumed in one second (with a column of -food -drink appearing on the right of the screen) or the crew getting suddenly paid 1000 times, or both at the same time... Usually doesn't happen if I close the game and relaunch it until it fires again. And last but not least : I started this playthrough 10 days ago in PotD ; I happened to check the difficulty yesterday and noticed the slider went back to easy... I don't know why since I didn't change the difficulty myself, and I don't know when it changed either. I thought the difficulty could not be changed if PotD was chosen at the beginning. At least I didn't do "important" stuff (mostly clearing secondary quests before going to Hasongo), but still, it's weird. Does anyone has had the same experience ? Thanks for the help
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