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  1. So, I'm finding it near impossible to complete the quest "Painted Masks," thanks to what I can only assume is a bug in the quest "Cruel Cargo." Relatively early in the game, Aloth tells me we ought to seek out the Wahaki, but in absence of any way to ask anyone where to find them, I just shrug and assume I'll bump into them eventually. Later on, I go to Crookspur on behalf of the Principi, then since my character is a former slave from the Deadfire, I go berserk at the slave auction and kill all of them, release the slaves, and leave. On the way out, a Royal Deadfire Company ship meets
  2. I'm in the same boat. I got the quest from Aloth to find the Wahaki, then didn't have any leads on that for a long time. Eventually, Queen Onekaza mentioned going to Ori o Koiki to get the Wahaki to start beating up Rauatai, but I wasn't interested in spurring more open conflict just then, so I stuck a pin in that one. Eventually I followed the Principi quest to Crookspur Island and, having the slave background, went berserk at the slave auction and killed all the slavers, freed all the slaves, and walked away from the explosion without looking at it. As soon as I left, a bunch of Rauataian sh
  3. Sigh. It looks like the fig backer base edition has somehow slipped through the cracks. An hour and a half after launch, and it's still not available to download on GoG Galaxy.
  4. Fraaaaack why won't GoG Galaxy release it yet...? I've gotta take this computer to work in twenty minutes, and the internet there's like cold molasses! Not ideal, but not inclined to shake my fist at GoG much yet. They're good samaritans for what they do.
  5. Swashbuckler. I was a one-handed saber fighter with a seafarer's style in the first game (From the Deadfire, actually), so getting a dose of rogue seems really natural. Not sure about subclasses yet, I'm keeping an open mind.
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