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  1. Linear, but the combat is good. They have ok stories. You build your party, and go. No, companions like the other I.E. games. I think 1 is all around the better of the two, but I love 2 for its use of a rendition of 3rd edition. It makes 2 stand out a bit. If you've never played them then I think they are worth it. Just don't expect Baldur's Gate. Ok many thanks
  2. How is Icewind Dale 1 and 2 äre they any good ?
  3. I saw that to and will buy both of them so then I`ll get both the ees and originals
  4. I`ll see wich one to buy,here in Sweden I`ll get both Baldurs Gate games with expansions for half the price of 1 Baldurs Gate game enhanced editions on Gog
  5. I`m playing POE and Dying Light : The Following enhanced edition wich I must say I love to play
  6. OK and many thanks Then I`ll buy the original with the expansion on dvd here in Sweden
  7. I have played Baldurs Gate 2 many times and loved that game . What i want to know is I want to by the first baldurs gate wich version is the best the orginal or the enhanced version I have heard both good and bad about both versions as far as bugs concernd .
  8. Ok thanks I haven done half of Raedricks hold now and will do the rest this evning .
  9. What level do you recomend for doing Raedric's Hold ?
  10. 1.Final Fantasy VII was my first Rpg 2.Baldurs Gate 2 3. The witcher 1,2 I`m playing the 3:rd now 4.Dragon age 1,2 and 3 5.Skyrim and Morrowind and many more
  11. First of thanks for leting me be a part of this community and second can a preist outo heal when the party is fighting if so how can I make this happen. Regards from Sweden
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